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  1. Day 222 of trying to understand Russian tactics. Given their stated objectives of taking the luhansk and donetsk oblasts* you could argue retreating from the area around kharkiv/izium made sense as none of that is in either oblast, nor in an "annexed" area.

  2. The latter. Russian military is made up of multiple groups that don't really work together and may have different objectives. Wagner is attacking Bakhmut but not the ones retreating from Lyman.

  3. Yes. The divisors for Speed and Agility difference mods went up substantially and the agility difference modifier cap was decreased from .3 to .2.

  4. Cool. Do you know what the new formula is or where I can find it?

  5. Formula is found in the Defines (literally, its a file called Defines in the game files). Use 800 instead of 1500 for speed, 100 is still correct for Agility, Combat multiplier is .2 instead of .3 now. The max Agi Disadvantage is now 60% instead of 67.5%. You can figure which constant to use from the wiki (they are tooltiped).

  6. Germany's ok actually. They just don't know how to play up their contributions. It's not a huge amount as a % of GDP but in absolute terms they're 3rd after US and UK

  7. In % of GDP they are higher than the US and only a little behind the UK.

  8. Do you have a source? I was looking at the below, actually Germany is 4th, behind Poland and % of GDP is quite low but this is until August

  9. A mildly interesting claim beside mobilization that Shoigu made is that 70 military satellites and over 200 civilians ones of Nato are working for the benefit of Ukraine.

  10. If he's talking about Starlink there's over 2k of them

  11. Why are people saying after fall of Kupiansk Izium would be surrounded ?

  12. Because of the Oskil river to the east and Ukr forces to the south, west and, if Kupiansk is captured, north.

  13. Yeah but isn't there a safe-ish route to the east along p-79 and O-211437?

  14. Potentially, unless the Ukrainians blow up the bridges. Also all the supplies come on rail via Kupiansk

  15. Kamara, Luiz, Watkins, Beundia/Bailey (when they came on) were all good today.

  16. Man why is EUR in freefall again vs USD? It was looking up last week...

  17. Because Europe needs to buy oil/gas which is expensive and they have to pay for that with dollars. Additionally they haven't been raising rates (ok they have once) so if you want to earn interest you're better off in dollars. Same as yen.

  18. What's your opinion on hedging your bets? For example if I buy 5k worth of BTC and short it at 2x leverage with 1k, what's the real downside?

  19. What you're describing is buying 3k of btc.

  20. Depends. China is not ready for a full scale invasion (no one seems to think) on the other hand you can get into the "it's maybe now or never" sort of thinking. Why wait until the enemy is better equipped?

  21. The question is whether China's capability compared to the US and Taiwan is shrinking or widening. If the latter then it doesn't make much sense to act now

  22. Off the pitch, I think Tyrone is the best representative Villa have. Always says the right thing

  23. No. Three Arrows Capital was a private trading firm, not even a hedge fund. They do not take in external money, they traded their own funds. They sucked at trading and got rekt on shitcoins.

  24. That's not true, they borrowed lots of money and deceived people they were borrowing from. They were essentially massive fraudsters which explains why they fled after going broke. Good riddance

  25. Great if you are a US Tourist to Europe bad if you are US exporter of goods as it’s much more expensive for EU based importers and customers.

  26. Arguably the US chief export is the dollar and it's going up

  27. £30-40 ticket, £5-10 matchday parking nearby, £4-5 a pint I believe

  28. Those are cheap tickets, I've paid £55 for a ticket in the Trinity Road End last year. Average ticket price for me was probably 40-45 and I went to most home games

  29. From the looks of Conservative Home’s polling, now that Wallace has ruled himself out, it looks like Penny Mourdant is currently in the seat to win the leadership race with Liz Truss a close second

  30. Bookies have Sunak in the lead by a decent margin, those two second and third

  31. Has anyone invented a term which is the opposite of Brrrr.. Just asking so that one word answer can be provided when causally asked why number going down.

  32. Nah leave it as it is I'm trying to accumulate. I like watching other coins die around BTC like a bloodbath. BTC is going to win this last man standing style. Imagine hearing FUD going back to your day job and then 5 years later BTC still standing and a whole bunch of new coins around it saying the same shit they are saying now.

  33. BTC.D has fallen a lot in the last 2 weeks in case you haven't noticed. Crap like Solana is up 80% off the lows on SOL/BTC

  34. Solid third of the country loves gays very much to spite the third that hates them though.

  35. Lukaku was another “he’s scored more goals against villa than any other club” so I’m glad they are both gone.

  36. Just Son left but he scores against everyone tbf

  37. What do you think are the chances of reclaiming 40k this year? 50k? ATH?

  38. You can look at options pricing to calculate that. $40k for end of year is currently sitting at $820. $38k is $930. Ignoring the awkward scenarios between the two numbers you can say market is pricing this $2k profit at around 5% (110/2000). Honestly that seems pretty cheap. My methodology might be wildly wrong cause I just made it up but options pricing is here

  39. The war in Ukraine will end before too long, the supply chain will ease and things will pick up again. It's obviously a good time to accumulate before the pendulum changes direction.

  40. Why do you think the war will end? And why do you think supply chains will unfreeze when China is willing to lockdown Shanghai over 6 new cases?

  41. 94.8% on 75 bps hike, 5.2% on 100 bps hike, yes.

  42. I think their methodology always just gives you two numbers. There's probably some % of 50bps and 100bps is probably higher than that as a result. Average will be the same

  43. altcoins belong in their own daily thread.

  44. Celsius holds a shitload of BTC, it belongs in this thread

  45. Seeing people discussing on telegram groups (I’m currently in Ben Cowen’s group) about how they wanna load their stables into alts like SOL and DOT saying that they feel confident about their future. Lol. Wtf. These people are idiotic.

  46. He's like 1.04x long or something. It's so small it's negligible. Unless he buys a lot more on leverage he's not getting liquidated

  47. I've started buying but the way this is slowly grinding down on lowish volume makes me think we wick a lot lower

  48. Celsius was using stETH in place of ETH. It decoupled so they have a massive black hole on their balance sheet

  49. CPI 8.6% vs 8.3% expected. Well, shit.

  50. Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic atop their groups, just as expected

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