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Michael Bay: ‘I Don’t Care’ About Will Smith Slap When ‘Babies Are Getting Blown Up in Ukraine’

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  1. vqsy says:

    Creative but I like it

  2. Ideally you want something that is silent or as close as possible to it, cannot practically run out of ammunition or number of uses, ergo is not a practically finite resource using device...

  3. vqsy says:

    yeah I think you would have better chances with this plan than some others here..

  4. vqsy says:

    that would be very interesting but also very scary

  5. vqsy says:

    okay thats a really strong Name haha if I ever get a boat maybe I name it like this

  6. vqsy says:

    Yeah and if you are really on a sabbatical from work and your colleges are asking you where are you right now you can still say I’m on sabbatical haha

  7. vqsy says:

    he‘s not wrong tho

  8. 200 % of the food that someone needs for the whole life. People can share the food to kill hunger

  9. vqsy says:

    thats a very good wish man

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