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  1. I'm wondering if that money comes oh upon completion and only if they complete the project in a timely manner. I can just see them taking the money and then dragging their feet and never getting it done.

  2. Apparently No Name has a few varieties of naming/labeling schemes:

  3. Not sure where the myth of condo fees being bad comes from. Between the money saved on taxes, cheaper insurance, and all the maintenance my condo fees have provided over the years, it's basically break even.

  4. In addition to what is stated, it's impossible to live frugally.

  5. I guess it depends on what you consider frugal. Spending $100k less (minimum) on a house is way more frugal trying to save a few dollars here and there by doing jobs yourself.

  6. I left a couch on the curb a couple weeks ago not sure if the trash took it or a local scrap collector, but it was gone at the end of the day. It ws in pretty bad condition though so I can't imagine anybody but trash wanting it.

  7. You could use the app Stava, which is technically for biking. You could make the loop you do a “route” and the. When other people do it it would track their time and give a leaderboard.

  8. Strava was originally only for cycling but when you record you can select from a big list of sports including ice skating.

  9. Ive seen people posting indoor climbing and yoga sessions lol

  10. It's basically a social network where you show off the physical activity you do. It's not all that bad as far as social networks go. Certainly a lot better than most of the other ones. If people want to post about their yoga sessions, then more power to them. I'm about 8 inches from the ground when I try to touch my toes so anybody who can do yoga is good in my books.

  11. To be fair I think most of the deaths are from the GTA area, and I think just cherry-picking today's stats isn't sufficient to make a broad claim that Ottawa has done better as a city on things like elders getting vaccinated.

  12. I've been seeing this trend for a while now. Ottawa's ICU rate has been quite a bit below the rest of the province. Then again, we are basically at 100% vaccination rate for those over 70 and at 96% for those between 60-69. Our lowest vaccination numbers are from the younger ages who aren't as susceptible to ending up in the ICU.

  13. A movie where every shot is from a bunch of security cameras and the people watching it have to try to piece together whats goig on from bad angle and stuff that might be slightly out of scene or only hearing part of a conversation as someone passes by a camera.

  14. I know practice makes perfect and all that, but how do you even practice something like this? How do you work up to that? My mind is boggled.

  15. They have foam pits where you can practice so you don't have to worry about landing.

  16. But not in Breath of the Wild! Still upset you can’t pet the dogs.

  17. If you give them apples they will befriend you and show you a hidden chest.

  18. Yeah, it works with any fruit, but apples are usually easily available.

  19. Now that you mention the diesel, it would be funny if they got to somewhere around White River and a bunch of them needed fuel but they just ran out because they don't expect that much traffic.

  20. How would 3 even work? Would Reddit have to provide money to Canadian news outlets?

  21. I don't even see how this would be a thing. Reddit doesn't show you anything except the title and a link to the website, along with a thumbnail. If anything, they are driving more visits to the website than they would normally get.

  22. How does one even catch 4 different buses in an hour with all the waiting in between for connections?

  23. I don't think his heel is clipped in. It's a trick some people do. He's supposed to catch the ski but for some reason decided to swing his leg far harder than necessary.

  24. Yeah, now that I watch it again on my computer, it seems that he isn't fully clipped in. I'm not really sure what maneuver he was trying to accomplish. Just bend over an pick up the skis. Luckily it was only a bus that got hit and not a person.

  25. Cat5e supports 1 gbps at 100 meters so unless you are hooking it up to faster equipment it won't make a difference.

  26. I think his point is that it's 75 bucks and not even a top of the line product

  27. Top of the line isn't determined by the cable standard. You can have CAT5E cables that are built very well or cables that are built very well. Just looking at the spec tells you almost nothing about how well a cable is built. A CAT5E cable could have better construction than a CAT6 cable.

  28. To me its so weird. In Canada(at least ontario) primary schools dont have cafeterias. Kids just bring lunch from home and eat at their desks. Even in high-school there is a cafeterias, but the vast majority of students to still bring food from home and only occasionally eat the cafeteria food. If you're going to spend money for lunch, you would usually just head down the road to a fas food restaurant as it tastes much better than the cafeteria.

  29. I grew up in New England area of the USA and we were not allowed to leave school during lunch time. If you didn’t have money you couldnt eat either but you had to sit in the cafe.

  30. I'm pretty old and we used to be able to leave during lunch for grade school. Many of the kids who didn't bus to school would go home for lunch. I remember when they changed the rules for elementary when I was i grade 7 because my mom had given me money for lunch but they wouldn't let me leave because I was a bus kid. I think they added this rules because the kid who live across the street from the school had a basketball net and the entire class was leaving during lunch because we just had a big gavel field with nothing to do.

  31. If youa have issues with the chain coming off, consider getting a rear derailleur with a clutch. You don't need to switch to 1x to stop the chain from coming off.

  32. I love that the train wall moves. Its one of my favorite walls.

  33. I have never skated in my life but would like to try. I do not have any of the equipment I need. What are some of your recommendations on renting skates and such? and where to rent them.

  34. If you have never skated in your life, you will have a terrible time on the canal. The ice conditions even at the bet of times are pretty bad. Also, its cold and there are no change rooms, so your feet will already be cold before you start, and most skates aren't that warm so your feet won't warm up, especially since you will be going slowly.

  35. We've been using it weekly for over a year. They are reasonably good. Sometimes the items are out of stock but when they substitute they often give you more than you ordered. Like if you order a pack of 10 tortillas and they only have 6 packs, you will get 2 six packs without paying extra. Sometimes they don't have a good substitute and you don't get the item, but they dont charge in that case.

  36. People also need the arts. My elementary school teachers tried, they really did, but I was an unathletic, uncoordinated kid with asthma - mandatory phys. ed class was where my soul was constantly crushed. It wasn't until middle school, when music class became instrumental music and from there, we had the option of playing in the band, that I found my confidence, my people, and myself.

  37. They really do need more clubs in schools. Not just athletics and arts, but also tech clubs, book clubs, games clubs, trivia clubs, and so on and so forth. We had band and sports in my high-school but not much else. I never really found my people and kind of had a terrible time until I got I to university.

  38. I wasn't talking about strength but maintenance. Do you think you have to reshingle a peaked roof or retar a flat roof because of strength?!

  39. Its says the exterior is concrete which would be reasonably durable and could still be fixed. Plenty of outside structures are built from concrete.

  40. It could be made of solid titanium and still leak if it's full of wierd angles and joints where you're counting on sealants to pick up the slack for eccentric design choices.

  41. The reason that you don't see lots of houses built like this is because it is a very inefficient use of space and also because most builders aren't familiar with the specialized construction techniques to do this kind of build.

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