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  1. Maybe I heard it wrong but isn't the twist next week?

  2. I believe it plays out during the next 3 episodes

  3. They’re as bushy as a caterpillar in a pumpkin patch!

  4. Hoping for another iconic Jessica Milagros fall type moment with the upcoming wall comp 😍

  5. His gesturing is 100% how a Sim would react in this scenario.

  6. Amazing! You look great! Hope you feel great too! 💕

  7. So happy to hear! And by the looks of it you guys were a few rows in front of me! I still vividly remember my first concert when I was 11 (26 years ago!!!). To this day, still one of the best moments of my life ❤️

  8. I have been to hundreds of concerts and not a single one started at the time stated on the ticket. Doors open at the time on the ticket. Performer usually 1-2 hours after doors.

  9. I don’t remember the last time I laughed that much during an episode of drag race. It was just so stupid and chaotic.

  10. I wish Turner-Michael-Britt-Taylor would align!!!!

  11. I thought it was a quirky ad for Craigslist when I saw it irl

  12. Daniel is pissssssed lol

  13. What’s genius?! Deleted and I need to know lol

  14. wonder if Daniel will cry about not letting him know to say goodbye to Nicole?

  15. They do 2 challenges first episode to determine the “mommy-est hottie” and the “hottest mommy.” The winners are dueling HOHs - each nominating one person from the opposite team.

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