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  1. Bro, they're the same cameras as the S22, which are flush with the surface. It can be done. And it was a legitimate design to hope for. You'd have loved it too.

  2. These things are already way thicker than an s22 when they're folded. It's one of the things that turns people off of the product

  3. I'm sure I'll love my fold, but it's a shame these Chinese brands aren't doing folds outside of China. The design of these is great and more competition worldwide would push the format forward much faster

  4. Yeah outer still works fine, I'll just go pay out of pocket for a completely different phone if they refuse to fix. This is a manufacturing issue and I'm finding endless threads about it now. Unbelievable

  5. Isn't there a 1 year warranty? I doubt they'll give you much fuss since it's so new

  6. When I went through the process it gave me $200 credit for accessories.

  7. That's weird. Maybe message customer service?

  8. I don’t know why you got odian voted you’re right about how hard it is to leave as most of my family is iOS.

  9. Something to keep in mind is you could just order it, try it for a week or so, and then return it if you don't like it

  10. I'm so lost. How are people getting free Buds and Watch?

  11. I got the buds free because you get $200 in store credit when you pre-order. Used that for buds & a wireless charger

  12. I like it. Will keep the pen on for work so I can use it for notes.

  13. Can't you just let them die to reset their skills?

  14. Pretty sure they just relearn the same skills, pilot skills are set when you get them, not when they level up.

  15. Sounds like you think the US has implemented some universal representation of government, and foreign countries somehow fit that mould.

  16. There's really no need to be condescending. I am completely willing to hear someone explain what the differences are aside from labels.

  17. You're conflating England and the UK, England is not the UK. Westminster maintains representation from all constituent nations, including Scotland, so no, Scotland cannot disobey UK laws, but Scotland can completely disregard laws under the English judiciary.

  18. No I'm not conflating England and the UK, that's my point.

  19. I agree. This whole thing reminds me of Zeno's paradox.

  20. I'd like to add to your point by saying that most of the actually good games don't really benefit from being on a "gaming phone".

  21. That's insane... He looks absolutely horrible on that image

  22. They just had to put the insides back inside. No biggy

  23. Wouldn't Apple need Samsung's screens to do this though?

  24. Wouldn't be a smart business decision. Apple adopting foldable technology would increase demand for those phones all around

  25. I was using Samsungs optional gestures about a year before iOS introduced theirs and 2 years before Google created theirs.

  26. fuck the underhang all my homies hate the underhang

  27. This was actually my favorite area

  28. As i played the game I initially hated most areas and grew to love them.

  29. The least likely one, obviously

  30. I considered it, but since there's no dedicated S-Pen slot I'm sticking with my S21 Ultra at least until the S23 Ultra comes out.

  31. I feel like this is the general consensus.

  32. Super close race. I have my fingers crossed we can flip the seat, but it won't be easy

  33. It's possible to get pulse radar & super missiles early, but the rest of the area is blocked off

  34. || If you didn't eat moon's neurons, you won't see them. ||

  35. Can't decide if I should get the fold 4 or wait to see if fold 5 has a built in SPen

  36. Tiny pen or thicker phone i suppose.

  37. This is actually pretty accurate for software engineering. Management somehow always thinks throwing more people at a problem somehow makes the project go faster. If anything, it slows everything down because the new guys need to learn existing stuff and folks working on the project need to dedicate time to show them the ropes instead of actually doing their work.

  38. Non mechanic? It is surely influencing you not to get hit 10 times in a turn

  39. Once you're good at the game losing on hard and below isn't really a concern. The smartest way to play is to focus on cores and reputation so that you get more powerful and can worry about grid even less.

  40. It's harder, but once you get into the swing of it you'll do fine.

  41. Out Kai in the lightning mech and get building chain ASAP.

  42. At GDC the dev said they intentially added grid defense because the game needed that element of RNG.

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