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  1. maybe i'm not zooming hard enough, but was this the 'whites-only' corner?

  2. oh noes,who will we replace him with now, PGS, Papalii, Vaia....oh yeah... nevermind then..

  3. What is up with George North being pulled by the leg into the ref as well by the way 😂

  4. lol i laughed at that Am was trying to pull north away and he puled him straight into the ref who looked shocked... Nika deserved it lol

  5. Angus Gardner is ref next match lol,, another out of his depth ref..

  6. i think ref made the wrong call but swain walked right into it, both should have been red carded ... cause jonny didn't just pull his hair, he grabbed Swain's back of the neck and both warranted a red card..

  7. Italy A leading the Carling Cup champions 17-10 at HT

  8. i'm streaming a low quality version, sorry

  9. i actually like England, even Faz No Hands is growing on me, its their effing coach i despise..

  10. Red Sun was ominious but south africa scraped thru ..

  11. Now I know what the T2 next to Wales name stood for. Tier 2

  12. sometimes 12 are regarded as distributors... so yeah hard to know..outside backs is definitely the back 3 ..

  13. Fiji gave Tonga an egg and their ranking points didn't even move lol

  14. nope that was a clear one, the replay showed clearly that after making the tackle on Willie, he did not release him before going for the ball.. and 5m from the try line thats a YC every day of the week ..

  15. might become a full stadium of disappointed fans..

  16. norse thor has a hammer , tonga thor got a rugby ball lol

  17. for some odd reason i feel that record will get broken under Fozz..

  18. i saw it and mentioned scooter coming from the side and got downvoted :(

  19. Dalton 2 try saves, what has cane done this game? #fuckyoufozz

  20. Carberry has looked pretty good with ball in hand since he has been on

  21. well he is a kiwi playing at home :P

  22. 13-all lol, did the japanese commentator on jsprots call vakatawa, nakarawa?

  23. I certainly hope he wasn't pulling anything while he was on the field

  24. his nuts got pulled by Habosi and he was like, no, i'm out..

  25. Hey @mods, start the Fiji-Tonga thread already, game starts in 20mins

  26. alas your 77 minute effort was not good enough :P

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