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  1. Anyone that does is probably violating an NDA.

  2. I use emulated memory cards via Swiss, meaning my saves are all stored on the SD card.

  3. I have the same setup. There is a new GameCube memory card that would cover most people's saves.

  4. Is it just a case and cover? Or is there a disc and inserts?

  5. There’s a preview disc, you can swipe through the pictures and see everything

  6. Dol 15 is an Ethernet adapter. Dol 12 is a dial up modem. Dol 12 more or less has no relevance anymore.

  7. That's unless someone is able to mod a Dol 12 into a Dol 15 if possible

  8. The digital av port isnt even that significant. It provides a sharper signal but most people dont even notice the difference compared to wii component. If you do notice the difference, god help you. I spent weeks figuring out how to get a cleaner signal out of my wii and wound up buying and installing a wii dual mod

  9. There is a LAN adapter for it. I don't know it functions for GC stuff.

  10. I did something like this. It seems to be the standard route for replacement.

  11. The tv says it received a 640x0 at 50 hz for a split second

  12. It seems fine to me? I mean, it's better than some others (cough cough fossil cough cough)

  13. When I had my gw4 that battery life and how secure the charger attached were my biggest gripes.

  14. Uneducated or not possibly without means of homebrewing in either instance.

  15. Then the Wii is a perfect fit for you as you definitely qualify as uneducated, given Wii homebrew is an impossible puzzle for you

  16. Also who is insulting whom at this point? Seems to be you. Again a wii die hard I unfortunately engaged in a pissing match with.


  18. I would generally say their intentions aren't charitable

  19. Anything running the GCVideo firmware should be on par. I personally have a GCDual but a plug and play adapter like the Carby works just as well. Really depends on your preference. The GCDual provides an HDMI out and remaps the multiout port to work with a Wii component cable with a pass through adapter. The GCDual does take some electronics repair experience to install. Worth it if you can afford and do the mod.

  20. Interesting, I had never even heard of the GCdual!

  21. They are using the same hardware and firmware. I believe they have the image fidelity. The gc dual is a bit easier to install as it's using the existing digital out on the 001 GameCubes. The Wii didn't have digital out so it's mod is a bit more difficult as there is more to connect and wiis are harder to get into.

  22. Ya. That's why in my opinion t1 and t2 are better because at least i can solder.

  23. If they wear out earlier and need replaced more that means less longevity for the board itself

  24. The ones i got have been in at least a yr or well since like February. Maybe 2 yrs. I don't remember. But still solid and accurate.

  25. If you have to solder and desolder things on the same board it's eventually going to have issues with the traces.

  26. Is the disc being detected as the GB Player disc when you put it in? If not my guess would be the disc.

  27. how exactly do i see if the disc is being detected?

  28. It should show up likely any other game does with a thumbnail.

  29. There are some quality of life improvements over a standard internal mod and you can't discount the fact that not everyone knows / wants to learn to solder.

  30. I did have to come back here and let you know that despite it being a bit pricey I did end up ordering one anyways. I like the drop in option and the reality of the situation is there isn't going to ever be enough demand for this product to ever have the price much lower than it already is. I sold off all but one of my Wavebirds and started acquiring Pro controllers.

  31. Easiest way to tell is the to turn the key but not engage it to start. You should be able to hear the fuel pump run.

  32. Aws and azure both have a variety of computer resources you can pay as you go. Obviously the more resources the higher the price tag.

  33. Good deal better if it's a 001 and t3 controllers

  34. There are more in depth videos about it. The short of it when you have the analog sticks fully actuated and let them go freely they will snap back. This is when they go past center and towards the opposite direction potentially causing incorrect inputs. It's pretty common with the stock sticks. The real fix for this is a mod you can perform. There are fancier board type that have adjustments or a simple install a capacitor mod. Either address the issue to a large degree

  35. Tha is, just tried re-soldering these and again testing for bridges with the multi meter. Seems like no matter what I do the response from the GameCube is the same. Controller LED flashes then that is it. No LED response on the GC dual. Wondering if it is a main board issue with the GC dual ?

  36. Completely possible. Just making sure before hand.

  37. You're sure the qsb has enough solder at each pin? Otherwise I would double check the wire you solder from the prd pad to the board. It took me a bit to get mine to solder proper.

  38. I was really hoping the Fitbit app would go away with the merger.. It's gotten better in the past 2 years but mostly in the premium features which just analyze the sensors already on the Fitbit watches

  39. I was hoping Fit would. Fitbit has much more but just needs a Google paint job

  40. I know you can't use DVD on the GC but, if you wanted burn a game to a mini play it (of course modded)

  41. It would. That's how some of the early modding worked. I would only read the disc up until the part where a mini would cut off.

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