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  1. Thank you for caring for him! ♥️ Give him some defrosted peas - they love these! 🥹

  2. Your friend sounds beyond weak. Since when was “my friend made me do it” an acceptable excuse for a grown-ass man? It’s not just the learned helplessness here that is so pathetic, but the fact that he thinks his wife will buy this as an excuse

  3. This is the cutest picture! 😭 My pet theory on why they do this is it’s comforting for him to pretend to be an egg again - pure escapism - and she is sitting on him to warm and protect like he’s a precious eggy, maybe in practice for when the real egg arrives 🥹🐦🐦♥️

  4. Such happy pictures! ✨ Pigeons are humans’ best friends, and I wish more folks recognised this! 🥹🐦

  5. Bring them seeds and peas next time ♥️

  6. I even had some in my car that i bought for my parrot :( didn't know chips could harm them. I'll bring them something healthy next time. They're very fun to spend time with!

  7. They really are! Thank you for befriending them ✨🥹♥️

  8. Sometimes this happens when they’ve been forced to abandon their real nest but need to lay the egg 🥺

  9. Please take care of her - the owners should give her to you since presumably they shouldn’t be selling an injured bird. Take her to a vet asap and get her the support she needs. If they suggest putting her to sleep you don’t have to listen. As someone that cared for a disabled finch for a long time (broken leg/foot), they can still have quality of life with good care ♥️

  10. Already asked them & they refused to give her for free, but I'm going to purchase her anyway, lol

  11. You’re awesome ✨ The house our finch lived in was one I had custom built, and we made sure there were perches at different levels and places he could go if he wanted to hide a bit. He would perch with his good foot holding the bar/perch, and sort of drape his disabled leg on the bar too, so we made sure the bar was smooth so that it didn’t hurt his leg to rest it on there

  12. It’s possible that she is not romantically interested in him, but wants him to think that she is because of all the benefits it brings her. I have met people that do this, and in a way it’s worse than if they are genuinely interested, because it’s calculating and it keeps people dangling on the hook

  13. Who’s the sad simp filming here? Clearly they don’t count as a person in her eyes, otherwise they’d be ruining the “aesthetic” too

  14. Could she be a lost racing pigeon? They sometimes adopt buildings and hang around them. Please look out for her - perhaps put out some seeds and water?

  15. What about a large shallow dish of water with a small ramekin of seeds/peas in the middle? He would have to sit in the water to eat the seebs 😄

  16. I had the same thought, though I did it a bit differently. My boy goes nuts for safflower seeds literally drop everything I need those kind of addiction, more so when offered by hand because it’s easy for him to see it. I held my hand over the middle of the dish and he had interest and tried his best to get to it but just refused to get in the water. After a while he gave up on it though ): (Still rewarded him for trying though)

  17. Poor dovey, is he a bit scared of water? Could you lightly sponge or mist him perhaps? I looked after a disabled sparrow for a while, and while he never became tame, he did like being misted with fine water droplets 🥹

  18. Of course it’s not just you that does this

  19. They love defrosted peas 🥹 Thank you for caring for this beautiful friend ♥️

  20. Focus on how shit the quality is! People who buy in bulk might not wear an item enough to see how quickly it can fall apart

  21. So cute! 🥹 Pigeons are amazing 🥰

  22. I particularly love the second picture where she is eyeing up pigeon real estate 🥰

  23. No buy is designed to make life easier and better, so replacing things that are necessary, which also make life easier and better, fits with this in my view. If money is not for necessities, what is it for? Just keep focusing on all the money you have saved through avoiding unnecessary purchases

  24. This is a great nest! 🥰🐦 The letter design is honestly asking for birds to make a home in it 🥹

  25. None of us would be on here if we had a crystal ball, so your situation isn’t uniquely tricky. The only thing I have to add is do not underestimate the stress of doer uppers. I really admire those who are into that sort of thing and good at it, but if you’d rather keep your spare time for other things (which is perfectly understandable), don’t romanticise DIY - the folks that make it look easy are superhuman in my view

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