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This is what domestic violence against men looks like

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  1. She definitely looks bad here, but isn’t she also heavily pregnant in these pictures?

  2. no, they were talking about her new baby’s name & how she’s gonna change it

  3. I think Hailey did this to get ahead on the Selena documentary on Apple TV. Just in case Selena brings up her relationship with Justin she wants to get ahead she says anything about it. To me it’s childish and I don’t think Selena will even mention Justin.

  4. the interview with Hailey was filmed in July/early August before Selena even announced her documentary tho

  5. Girl if I were thriving with my pop star hubby anyone who asks me about his ex would truly catch these hands. How can people let it go when she literally never stops talking about it? Just don't entertain it

  6. Hailey: gets death threats, bullied relentlessly daily by Selena’s fans (not even just them) reddit users: omg! just don’t acknowledge it!

  7. You really are on your own here, this whole thread dislikes her. Sorry to you lmao

  8. me: saying someone who gets death threats and bullied should be able to stand up for themselves. you: you’re on your own here. sorry to you.

  9. Kim saying that Kourtney is the least interesting to look at really makes me wonder how mean those little girls were to each other..

  10. apperently Kourtney and Kim got into a lot of fights as kids because Kim would copy her, and Kourtney would make fun of her for it.

  11. he should be arrested for starting to date her when she was 17 and he was over 40 😐

  12. thank you! I made sure to pick a photo where they looked the most like her lol

  13. Who cares? I don't get what's wrong with this one.. I can't even see a difference between the photos.

  14. I understand there are subtle differences, just don't think it's "Instagram reality" Reddit worthy.

  15. “subtle differences” aka making her jaw half it’s size

  16. the yellow tape outfit is too obvious of a choice, I’m gonna go with #2

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