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  1. Happens when they film in western Canada lol

  2. Yeah there's no aspens and for damn sure no lodgepoles or mountains like that in Mass.

  3. It's all aspen, lodge pole pine and willow trees.

  4. Misleading title. please remove or edit. "Leading" can me top or top 100

  5. Military MREs are way better. You can currently get some about Nov 2023 first inspection date

  6. Was it from the game? I played both games and don't understand how this connects to the story at all.

  7. 436 total was my count. Puffy black north face jacket. oddly terrifying

  8. Also over 50+ of the women have the same white dress with black leggings under.

  9. If you count different colors other than black it's over 200 just halfway through

  10. My doctor knew after the first few minutes of meeting me in 2014. My chart says so. Never really even talked to her about it until late 2022. I don't know why she never said anything.

  11. A clinical diagnosis requires significant disturbance to daily life. Having symptoms doesn't require a diagnosis if you don't voice the fact they are causing problems in life. If they are, there is nothing to treat.

  12. My point was not made well sorry. I was the last to know. It was like oh I'm just different. That's what all the crazy people think 😅

  13. wtf smoking crack. you can get a custom Occam Defense for this.

  14. Yeah I'm the same as OP. I finally got smart and burned out. Saved my marriage. I still have no friends but it's ok because that work environment was very toxic.

  15. Yeah, cause we have full auto ARs, grenades and MRAPs right?

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