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  1. It’s not fair to ask for a rate when you are the benchmark

  2. Do you need a towel to wipe your face?

  3. Try telling people you've spent 30k on something to play computer games....

  4. So there was a post on the iracing forums, followed that and worked it out, back to normal again

  5. Yeah I'm assuming that's what I've done. I remember reading somewhere you could delete a line in the app.ini but can't remember what it was...

  6. Wait what, does it yaw as well as tilt on the rams?

  7. Yes full 6 dof, it has surge as well

  8. Surge is forward and backwards movement under braking and acceleration. I linked a video a couple of posts before

  9. Would it work with a 115v plug? Also can you plug in everything into one outlet (computer, monitors, motion, etc.) on a power strip?

  10. Yes you can wire for 115v. I've got no idea how, I'm 240v. I have 3 separate circuits to my garage where the rig is. 1 is shared with original house power, 1 circuit just for the servo drives and amps for buttkickers then the third for the pc, screens and everything else. You can run it all on the one circuit if you wanted, I've never tried though

  11. This looks awesome. The dream set up. But I'm curious, any reason you decided not to go for VR?

  12. I've had it. Was good, but it just gets too hot, especially in an Australian summer

  13. I really didn't like the vendor lock-in from Fanatec but man their wheel prices are much more affordable than the high end options. Right now I've got my McLaren Fanatec wheel converted to USB and that's working. My next wheel won't be a Fanatec but I also haven't decided what it'll be.

  14. Thats because they aren't a high end wheel. You pay peanuts you get toys

  15. I can get a whole Fanatec setup for less than just the Simagic Alpha Mini.

  16. But then you're stuck with their shit ecosystem and rubbish wheels.

  17. Nice, I don’t understand why anyone would buy fanatec right now with so many arguably better options. Of course for console users that different

  18. Because fanbois will always be swayed by the u tubes

  19. To be honest, the main reason I'm so interested in Thrustmaster's Ferrari rim here is because it fairly closely resembles the wheel on the Glickenhaus SGC 007. I also like the relatively simple design of their open wheel rim, the vintage Ferrari rim, and their Sparco square rim thingie. And the 599XX one. I like the McLaren rim from Fanatec, but that's about it. I think their square rim is funny looking. Simagic's GT4 rim is too narrow, and they only three options. Who would you reccomend?

  20. Where to begin? Simcore, for a start. Mainly because he's local, and he's an absolute legend of a guy. Asher, prosim. There's heaps of wheel manufacturers. Fanatec and thrustmaster are literal garbage in comparison

  21. I decided to check out Sim Racing Garage finally and I've had my eyes opened wide. But I still don't understand how, say, an Asher rim goes on a Simagic wheelbase. Does it? Who is Simcore?

  22. Any decent wheelbase, ie not fanatec or thrustmaster use a generic mount system. So they use a shaft, with a shaft clamp that will adapt to a pcd 6x70 or 3x52mm bolt pattern.

  23. If that made you swear, God help you try and build a rig like mine!

  24. Not really. I use iRacing mostly, and SRS for the motion

  25. If you're going to stick with the gear that you have, just build a profile rig. Don't waste money on anything until you get the basics right. You can adjust it and rebuild it whenever you want or need....

  26. Congrats on that rig. Bit to be honest: not so much action. I omly have a NLR motion v3 seat mover amd from what i see here tjst gives more action...

  27. Its tuned the way I like it, there's no point having it rattle your brain out

  28. Its all home built, based off the sfx100 system

  29. Even a 3090 will struggle pushing that many pixels!

  30. I waited about a week and a half for a replacement cable, that didn't work. Then waited about another 2 1/2 weeks for a replacement hmd which I got yesterday. Solved my issue. The tech even let me keep the spare cable

  31. the cable looks fine from the broke near the clip..i think

  32. Did you get any kind of error code or anything? My g2 is non responsive, it's not dected at all by steam br or wmr. Hp are sending new cables, hopefully thats all it is

  33. Better than anything she ever put on onlyfans!

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