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  1. There is going to be conflict between Israel and Iran now, but I guess it was always inevitable.

  2. Israel knows better than to attack Iran by itself. My concern is Israel and Saudi Arabia teaming up to find a way to make the United States fight Iran for them.

  3. I mean did we? We relied on one source that multiple foreign agencies thought wasn’t trustworthy. Turns out he lied for a payout.

  4. And in this case, Israel is relying on Saudi Arabia's report about their mutual enemy. That's shady imo.

  5. Nobody sells weapons that are going to be used against the United States except the United States! Got it?

  6. They're only even when Ariel makes Dana cry like Dana made him cry.

  7. Dana for sure is a scumbag but I can’t stand Helwani. He’s always inserting himself as a central figure in everything and plays the victim card too much.

  8. And he likes to stir up shit. He's only in MMA because he couldn't hack it in pro wrestling. Helwani doesn't give a shit about any fighter. He's in it for himself.

  9. You should've stopped after that 2nd or 3rd joint, frendo.

  10. Serious question: what's next? Is everyone just holding their breath for indictments to drop?

  11. Everyone has been holding their breath since Russia-gate. The news media loves to predict the imminent downfall of Trump, and I guess it sells, but he's still unindicted. At this point, it just seems to be clickbait. I'll celebrate after he's in cuffs, not because another op-ed thinks he's going to be.

  12. Cheney is a neocon like her dad. They've been trying to infiltrate the Democrat party for years and are using anti-Trumpism to do it. Meanwhile, she voted with Trump 93 percent of the time. No thanks on more pols like her.

  13. I’ll believe her when she comes out and condemns the corrupt shit her father did, she enabled trump getting into office, remember that.

  14. Correct. And she voted with Trump on almost every single issue. She's looking out for her own political career. Sure, it may be the right thing to do, but that's not necessarily why she's doing it.

  15. Trump in 2016: “Who blew up the World Trade Center? It wasn’t the Iraqis, it was Saudi — take a look at Saudi Arabia, open the documents.”

  16. After she gets done with Trump, she should do her war criminal father next. Purge them all.

  17. WAT? Look up the Lavon affair. Israel planted bombs at American and British locations and tried to blame it on Egypt. That was the one time they actually got caught. An ex-Mossad agent even wrote a book called "By Way of Deception".

  18. In the language of American foreign policy, this means that the Saudis and/or Israelis are pressuring the US to take out their enemy.

  19. Trump fans used to rage over Obama "bowing" to the Saudis. Then Trump gushed over the Saudis because they buy his properties and his fans did a 180 and starting loving the Saudis too. Trump even blocked efforts by victims of 9/11 to sue the Saudis. Even that didn't give the MAGA crowd pause. No wonder he constantly tries to grift money out of them. Suckers are born every minute.

  20. Not quite correct: republicans castigated Obama for bowing to the Japanese emperor, claiming this showed the USA was subservient to Japan.

  21. There's a pic of Obama bowing to the Saudis that was widely circulated. That was at a time when a lot of conservatives hated the Saudis more than anyone. Then came Trump and they had to pretend they never hated the Saudis.

  22. This is to con the public into paying more of our tax dollars to the defense industry to protect us from a threat that doesn't exist. SMH.

  23. Just convince Israel to do some clandestine stuff

  24. We spend a lot of money to get them to NOT do clandestine stuff.

  25. He has to say something to keep Saudi Arabia and Israel happy.

  26. at this point, i don't believe shooting someone in the middle of 5th avenue would send donald trump to prison.

  27. If I had a nickel every time we heard Trump was going to prison, I'd have as much money as he grifted from his gullible fans.

  28. When your government falls like Dick Cheney's balls, that's Italia.

  29. Here we go. The people who decided that Biden was the democratic golden boy are the same people itching to bomb Iran.

  30. To be fair, he was answering a specific question. Force is never off the table, and Biden qualified it with "as a last resort".

  31. "The only thing worse than the Iran that exists now is Iran with nuclear weapons."

  32. By all measures, the Iran deal was working fine. That's why neocons in the US hated it so much. They knew it would work. We need to get back to that.

  33. You must not see a lot of posts from people who run in democratic socialism groups. They are pretty uniformly behind the idea that Israel shouldn't exist because "it's colonizing brown people".

  34. That sounds more like a right winger's interpretation of folks on the left when they rightly criticize Israel's treatment of Palestinians.

  35. First sentence in the article: "One of the few points of agreement between the left and right is that hatred of Jews is acceptable political behavior."

  36. He's British so he can't blame Coke for that.

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