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  1. What about the ukranian death toll ? 2072 as well ? Propaganda isn’t going to win this war

  2. Cannon fodder for the Russian artillery. Wonder where their elite troops are on this front

  3. It's easy to tell. Look at the soldiers fighting at the front line, no body armor, no helmets, outdated rifles, no tactics etc etc. Meanwhile you see hundreds of videos of soldiers in full gear, driving around in clean polished tanks and BTR's making tiktok videos in central kiev. Why aren't those troops on the front lines?

  4. Growth was slowing before the fed really got started hiking rates and taking out qe from the system.

  5. That’s part of the 20 billion in aid america gave them

  6. They've been rearranging old wreckage to fake fresh kills so I'd say yes.

  7. Well I saw loads of new footage. I’ll post some later so we can be updated

  8. Ok. Won’t have to say they are old drones being destroyed anymore then

  9. Nope, pretty much no one supports the Russian way of waging war doing special operations - crime of aggression, war crimes, atrocities, crimes against humanity, etc. - and very few support Russia at all. India using the Russians for cheap oil and gas does not mean India supporting Russia.

  10. China and India are supporters of russia. It’s really only some of Western Europe, the uk and us who are big fans of Ukraine

  11. We're discussing the Russian invasion of Ukraine, right? China and India do not support it. Both countries have sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine because of Russia's invasion. Here's Wikipedia's list of countries that have sent aid to Ukraine:

  12. He’s moved onto someone else. He probably felt like you were going to keep asking for ppm whilst he wasn’t go to be getting intimacy so he found someone else who would reciprocate

  13. Lyman is already captured by Russians as of 24 hours ago, mopping operations were done today, but probably not complicated, as Ukrainians have retreated due to the enourmous artillery shelling

  14. Yeh that’s what I read. I also read 600 ukranian troops surrrendered

  15. If 600 troops surrendered, we will have seen video by now. I highly doubt it as there were news and videos of Ukrainians escaping Liman on APCs

  16. If I can find the reports again I’ll post them.

  17. I would never continue to communicate with anyone who texts "ima."

  18. He’s over reacting imo. If this happened regularly maybe then he can complain

  19. Over 3000 ukranian troops surrendered in the city. I wonder how many were killed.

  20. Like Kherson they will also be accepting Russian currency for payment as well.

  21. You don’t give them an inch. Bc as we know they’d take that fair play away from us.

  22. I’ve found ignoring these people is usually the best. People have been posting bs for months about this war and it hasn’t stopped Russia from advancing their positions

  23. Yeh I agree. At least this thread allows it. Imagine posting a dead Ukraine solider like this on world news or Russia Ukraine at it wouldn’t last longer than a few minutes.

  24. Ukranian troop morale on this front seems to be pretty low with all the troops just surrendering

  25. That video is terrifying. Imagine all those Ukrainians dug in trenches whilst those are exploding around them

  26. Sorry. I’m just talking about some ideas about Russia Not China or India

  27. Did anyone read all of those points ? I tried I really did

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  29. Croatia. Like pages and pages of models. You won’t know who to pick and all very friendly

  30. LOL. Make him run extra laps at the next training session.

  31. Lmao the little shit is back on sa. You should see the calibre if girls he’s lining up. My little protégée has knocked it out of the park

  32. Well food shortages are becoming common not to mention rampant inflation caused by sanctions and the war.

  33. He did win a Nobel peace prize but yeh let’s discredit the guys knowledge

  34. So Instead of howitzers the Americans should’ve been getting them more shovels

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