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  1. I’ve seen him play a good guy before. He played a detective in the Usual Suspects.

  2. I'm at Day 8 since testing positive and feel fine minus an annoying lingering cough and some congestion. Makes working out a huge pain.

  3. What I don’t get is not just releasing it to streaming. I’m sure there’s some decent reason, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

  4. Read somewhere it's big tax breaks if you write it off as a complete loss

  5. Would you sell just the holster? I have no need for the I l mid ride and qls system

  6. I will try to share my experience to help change the minds of others. But who knows if it will be of any use?

  7. You are more influential to your family, friends and peers than you realize.

  8. Some weapons have no legitimate purpose outside of military applications?

  9. So AW should only be for the military? Then why do cops needs them?

  10. if you ever see someone crack a kick and the announcers exclaim "ooooooooy" it's always Thai

  11. The fight scene between Blade and the ninja vampires in Blade 2.

  12. So confusingly bad for a movie with 90% otherwise insane practical fight choreography by Donnie Yen

  13. I remember watching Torque in high school and never realized Adam Scott was in it

  14. Absolute bonkers covid almost prevented us from having prime kamzat forever

  15. Haha I was expecting this to be a baggage handler sim. Looks awesome!!

  16. She's got a nice right cross. I think I'm in love

  17. They've even reinforced this belief with an Easter Egg in No Way Home, where Liz has done a featured expose into her relationship with Peter.

  18. I'm from Seattle and am on a first name basis with Ivan as my first BJJ coach was one of his main training partners back in the day. I see him around at local BJJ / combat sport tournaments frequently as he owns a gym and is still active in the local BJJ/ combat sports scene.

  19. I got my first few stripes from Ivan! Whenever I forget to close my guard, I always hear him yelling in the background: DON'T BE A SLUT. CLOSE YOUR LEGS.

  20. She won an MTV award or something for “Best Actress in a terrible movie” for her performance in Entourage(2015) and i felt Entourage was a great movie that Ronda Rousey was absolutely terrible in. Happy Cake Day.

  21. He is good on his own,but God dam, he just can't catch a break. The mummy and crash are the only good movies I can think of. Everything else is just (not him) it's the movies. Furry vengeance was funny as hell but the movie stunk without him

  22. My man, what part of the world are you from where you can wake up and decide to so casually disrespect Monkey Bone?

  23. Most bands will come out and play maybe 1-2 songs as the encore

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