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  1. Unfortunately this is untrue, you will need to have supported yourself for 3 years before the start of the course to be independent which means providing rent/bill statements ect.

  2. Not true if you're over 25. I was never asked for any proof or statements, I just got deemed an independent due to my age.

  3. That's really weird. I'm British and I've never thought shag was anywhere close to f#ck. Always considered it slang rather than swearing.

  4. Does anyone have a fix or workaround for the Friendly nameplates issue?

  5. Just have to live with it for now until blizzard fixes it (if it is actually unintentional)

  6. if you guys ever feel bad about not getting into keys, i just saw a 418 guy from get denied to a 22 AV

  7. Scripe applied for my 19 AA the other day. He was 393 ilvl and 300 score however.. Should've asked him to raidlead the key.

  8. It's just counts as a regular year in Uni, so it will cost £9250. You can get a tuition fee loan from student finance.

  9. Could be either the body or the lens. Check the body with the lens removed and at around 8 o'clock on the lens mount there is a hole with a small pin inside and this is the A/M switch. I have seen the pin missing and this will cause the issue you are having. Or, the lens could be missing the pin (or not fully pushing it out) that extends out when set on "A" that pushes in the body/lens mount pin.

  10. You can just root the add, right? Same as first boss plaguefall last expac

  11. No, when she finishes the channel she heals and gets a stack no matter where the add is

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