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  1. That photo of Austin and Kaia at Juice Generation feels really close for comfort.

  2. I was watching the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony last week and found out that Cody Simpson is a professional swimmer competing. He also won his first gold

  3. The Cody/Emma/Kyle drama from earlier this year has been so much fun to follow.

  4. It's too long to adequately explain but Kyle Chalmers was dating Emma McKeown and now Cody Simpson is.

  5. Can anyone tell me what happened in quick terms I’m a fan of Sebastian’s but I missed what went down because i stopped viewing DMs instas stories ?

  6. Sebastian mentioned DM in an interview (really mildly, just to say that things can get taken out of context). The fan who sent in the spotting got really defensive and wrote a two-page apology/non-apology that DM posted. It's weird.

  7. Any fans who leak celebrities' home addresses or what hotels they're staying at. Sometimes I see fans able to even track flights that they're on. It's so dangerous and they don't realise that sometimes that information should remain private.

  8. I know in the case of a few home address leaks, that it's because they want to 'punish' the celebrity or lord it over other fans that they know that info.

  9. Uza Aduba said: “If they can learn to say Tchaikovsky, Dostoyevsky and Michelangelo, they can learn to say Uzoamaka.”

  10. Apparently Cher and Tom Cruise were once a thing.

  11. If Jackie and Fez are still together on the spinoff, I'm going to riot. They were such an odd pairing (in a bad way).

  12. Rita Ora's Rimmel nail polish line had the exact shade of blue I wanted. It's really good.

  13. It's not on Rimmel's main website anymore as it was back in 2014, but [this] (

  14. is glee the only other example of this? the quarterback episode was such an uncomfortable watch, idk how ill be able to sit through black panther without just crying the whole time

  15. I'd say so because the cast were clearly still grieving while filming that episode. I have no idea how any of them got through that. I know Lea mentioned she hasn't ever watched the episode.

  16. Until the wheels came off, Ellen had a really good, wholesome public reputation.

  17. Not sure how many kids today know about River Phoenix. They might know how he died, but I doubt they know just how much of a cultural icon he was, and what a huge loss of talent.

  18. I wish they’d stop putting “merchandise” spottings in with the celebrity spottings. Literally no one cares about those dumb hoodies.

  19. Agreed. And the obvious "DM in the wild" shots which are just people taking photos of their friends.

  20. I'm enjoying the Joseph Quinn and his brown suit spots.

  21. Gordon Ramsay, his staff loves him so I doubt he's cursing them out all the time lmao

  22. My brother worked for him and he is lovely to his staff. It's 100% for TV.

  23. I think he also gets really frustrated when people refuse to own up to their mistakes. I would also blow up at 90% of the people on his show.

  24. This is the only time my brother has ever seen GR angry (not directed at my brother!).

  25. Did anyone else have the heatwave in Europe this past week? It's cooler now, but the last few days have been awful to try and sleep in 🫠

  26. 40* here in UK on day of Gray Man press and we don't have AC as standard. the fancy hotels they stayed in might have but ooof, it was rough

  27. I'm in UK too and watching them walking on the red carpet on Tuesday in fancy outfits made me even more uncomfortable. I can't imagine how much they were suffering because it was such unpleasant weather.

  28. ONTD - Jamie Lynn Spears getting pregnant. It was crazyyyyy.

  29. I was into gossip before this, but I think this is the first big story I remember. A friend and I were on ONTD that whole night reading comments.

  30. One Tree Hill introduced me to a lot. One of the closing scenes to a season (s4 maybe?) ensured I got obsessed with Ray LaMontagne for a long time.

  31. Same here! I discovered Better Than Ezra and The Veils through the show.

  32. People are so desperate for anything regarding CEvans that they're scrambling. He cannot interact with a woman without rumors being created. Let him live!

  33. You're in the wrong thread, I'm afraid. This is for people who have tea.

  34. Lip fillers and nose augmentation too! Esp when so many celebs are so young and still growing into their features. I feel like it's such a slippery slope.

  35. kristen bell sharing all these stories about her family being “relatable” when in actuality it’s just strange

  36. I wonder how their kids are going to feel having so much info about their family out there when they're older?

  37. They should rename spotted Sebastian Stan Updates because wth is this

  38. Also I don't think 4 or 5 spottings out of ~70 is a lot?

  39. That’s 7% of all the Sunday spotted. Not quite disagreeing with you, but it felt like maybe she should have removed one or two of them to decrease just how much he seemed to be featured.

  40. I agree. In a more general sense, DM needs to curate her spottings a little better as some repeat spots slip through quite often. But I also think people in this sub are more likely to notice celebs mentioned when it's ones that they have a particular reaction/opinion of. Since he is discussed here quite often, I can imagine people assume he's seen everywhere and mentioned constantly on DM.

  41. Not Ben getting married during Gray Man promo tour 😭. Good for them.

  42. Wait what's the connection between Ben and The Grey Man?

  43. Ohhhh how did I forget that? The BenAna Saga got me through 2020 lolol

  44. I grew up on DDLJ and seeing this casting news really burned me up. It's such an iconic musical and I don't understand the need to introduce a non-Indian main character when the story doesn't need it.

  45. I was just skimming through this. She’s too gorgeous stop itttt

  46. I've been a fan of hers for almost twenty years, so to see her happy, in love and thriving means so much. She really looks amazing!

  47. Not tea but I'm watching How I Met Your Father and Leighton guest starred, and I just need her in a new sitcom stat!

  48. if you haven't watched single parents, she was so good in that!! if you have watched single parents, i'll never forgive them for canceling the show, especially

  49. I LOVED Single Parents. I mourn it every day! It wasn't given a chance to thrive.

  50. I do find that most modern drama happens with fancasts. Fans get so attached to the idea of a particular actor playing a character, that when it doesn't happen, they don't give the cast actor the chance. Alternatively, if it does happen, sometimes it's a terrible casting choice.

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