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The Toronto Maple Leafs have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs after losing to the Montréal Canadiens in 7 games

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  1. Go for it. People stick stone tiles to their wall all the time which are heavy

  2. I've been a manager before where I collected this. The company wanted to pivot to a more automated culture, so we wanted to know that it was happening.

  3. Could you tell me how you finished the fireplace? In particular how you got it flush with a clean edge all around. Is it drywall or something else?

  4. Like cement? The look that I liked was having the floor and wall kind of blend together, same color too.

  5. I had to do a Google search to see examples. Yes, it looks cool. But as another commenter pointed out, wooden stairs have some flex to them. I would be concerned that putting a cementitious product on those stairs will crack and break off over time. I was just thinking that mixing sand in with paint would give it a grainy look similar to stone but still allow it to flex.

  6. Really I hadn't thought about the movement of stairs just due to them being wood. It's an old house with some creaking in the stairs. I think this is a good argument against. I really know nothing about plaster, so I wasn't sure if they would crack.

  7. They define the leftmost limit of mainstream acceptable discourse.

  8. Send that picture to Woodland Direct and ask the salesperson to give you links to some suggested inserts.

  9. Will do. But I was more wondering how to get it flush to the brick and finish off.

  10. I have a Fujitsu ductless at work - low ambient capable (it keeps the room at 22C even when it's -10C). About a year old now...

  11. It sounds like maintenance can be a DIY thing then?. That's actually a good piece of info. We're leaning to heat pump now.

  12. We have a heat pump, air handler and instant hot water tank setup. We had to decommission the radiant infloor due to the piping used. The new system is great. Having AC is huge and the heating works really well also. The system also keeps air circulating through which really helps for two people with bad allergies.

  13. I have ducts from my furnace. I'm hoping to just use those. Do you know if the air handler can go in the garage? No worries about car exhaust getting in?

  14. But they brought in Thornton to provide all that experience... you know, the guy who has a history of overachieving in the playoffs.

  15. Do you know if the actuators can work ok upside down, so to speak? I had the idea of lowering a range hood.

  16. I like it lots. I've never seen an epoxy table in person, so its not like everyone and their dog has one. They are still pretty unique and cool.

  17. I don't know the org structure, but I would look for someone on the business side, in Product, to have a chat with. The customer decides what is quality. And Product will tell you the market differentiators for your products, the areas that must work. Make sure you get good process in place for testing any release that impacts those areas.

  18. Gender is still a social construct. Anything we categorize or label is a social construct. That doesn’t mean it’s fake

  19. Huh? The sun is a social construct? Dirt? Water?

  20. The labeling and separation of such things is a construct, not the objects themselves

  21. But I always hear "X is a social construct", not "Hey let's categorize and label things different".

  22. Personally the way I would solve this is via a message queue that all microservices listen to and whichever node picks up the message is the node that will execute it.

  23. I'll look into the kubernetes idea, thanks. For my particular case it was suggested a lambda in AWS to trigger the services through a load balancer which will just pick one. But it got me thinking whether there is a "standard" way to do this.

  24. AWS lambda is the equivelant of Azure functions, right? You should be able to have a timed job to push a message onto the queue using one of those I think.

  25. That brings up a different topic. We are moving over to k8s, I suppose, for all kinds of reasons. I'm sure it'll be fun

  26. Been playing with Charles. Thanks for the recommendation. I like it for bandwidth throttling and latency. I haven't found a solution for jitter yet.

  27. The stock market makes a lot more sense when you understand that it is basically a pyramid scheme. All that stuff about stock price reflecting company fundamentals, etc etc is basically mythology. Sure maybe at the second decimal place.

  28. I ask because my home is heated by gas. I thought to put a wood burning stove/insert in my chimney. It wouldn't be the primary source of heat but if I could reduce my use of gas, am I helping? I reckon just getting the drafty chimney sealed off would help too. Everything I've read on this is pretty mixed.

  29. If your serious about firewood, then additionally you should ban fireplaces and require wood burning stoves to 5X the efficiency, and not waste the wood you burn.

  30. Is there a consensus on whether burning wood for energy in the home is a net good in terms of climate change mitigation?

  31. Because the uninsulated space between your ceiling and floor is uninsulated?

  32. But surely the wall insulation on the first floor comes all the way up to the second floor?


  34. Today, I saw a group of neighbors having a chat with the fellow that started using a wood stove last fall. I am too far away to hear what they where saying but their body language didn't look good. They didn't look happy at all, waving their arms etc. Those poor people have to put up with the smoke that belches out of his chimney and hangs throughout the neighborhood. This evening, I see the smoke is really coming out of the chimney like he is burning wet wood or something. Pretty sure there is a neighborhood feud happening there. I live up the hill and the smoke doesn't get to my house. Thank God!

  35. I was understanding that the modern equipment burns very hot and very little particulate goes out in smoke. That's why I'm asking around just now. Is that only when used in ideal circumstances? Dunno

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