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Chelsea and Leeds have reached full agreement for Raphinha! Official bid accepted around £60/65m [add ons included]. Main part of amount to be paid immediately. It’s done between clubs. 🚨🔵 #CFC Talks now ongoing on player side on personal terms and contract. Boehly, on it.

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  1. Seems more creative than anything Nike has ever done. Add some stars to the sleeves and it would be wild

  2. Leeds are in for Charles De Ketelaere from Brugge (40M asking price) to play the 10 so it won’t just be Aaronson

  3. Is Yedlin past it? I have seen him getting cooked in MLS but I’m sure others have watched him more

  4. It’s funny looking at you guys’ general takes. Some of you are well tuned in but a lot of the comments are some of the worst takes I’ve ever seen and are absolutely hilarious. You see bad takes in all football subs from football fans all over but the terms you guys use sometimes is hilarious to me as it’s not anything I’m accustomed to hearing in football discussions. Nothing against any of you of course.

  5. No. I think he has met expectations. It hasn't gone great, but it also hasnt gone poorly.

  6. The biggest issue with Leeds is the lack of squad depth which makes coaching hard. Bamford has only started 7 games with Phillips at 17, Firpo only at 18.

  7. Nah Azpi is getting old but more importantly slow. I would be surprised if he played RB much in their 4atb

  8. Is this one of the poor weighted passes the announcers were talking about?? 🤡

  9. "Pulisic's passes haven't been good today" is quite the statement for a game you are supposed to be watching if you're calling. Who the hell is this trash announcer?

  10. I just finished the game and holy shit glad I wasn’t the only one to notice the terrible announcers. They literally didn’t even mention his name or the assist when Lukaku scored on the American broadcast 😂 then later claim Pulisic’s passing has been off weight when the assist was a peach

  11. Lukaku and Werner playing together is going to hurt the eyes. Bricks have better first touches

  12. Seems to have gotten a run of games. Is it form or injuries getting him in the starting lineup?

  13. I think they’re giving him a run of games since they have nothing left to play for. He needs game time to develop for their future or to garner a little more transfer interest

  14. Busio looking lifeless out there. Bad tackle and bad pass are the only things to note as of 75

  15. I’ve watched so many Lille games where he doesn’t even get close to goal so if he’s really playing as a 9 that’s exciting

  16. Feel like Horvath should have also been on the list.

  17. That’s true. Reddit caps the amount of options at 6. They at least need to add a results button automatically for every poll to save one spot

  18. Surprised Konrad doesn’t have more votes. Ofc Dike and Reyna had the injuries but Konrad had a great preseason and first few matches. Then OM bring in like 4 more AMs/Wingers and he doesn’t see the field anymore and now out for the year

  19. Fair point. His season is frustrating because of the way it started and then fell off. A regular for Marseille to start his first real professional season with 23 appearances but then only 3 appearances in 2022.

  20. Their head physio is supposed to leave at the end of the season. Guess that’s too late

  21. In terms of talent we would be an above average Bundesliga club. We have two CBs playing for Wolfsburg and Hoffenheim, Dest and Antonee are starting quality for most Bundesliga clubs, each of MMA would get regular starts for most Bundesliga clubs, and then there’s the front 3 which would also start for most Bundesliga clubs considering it’s Gio, Pulisic, and 3-4 other Bundesliga quality players. Leverkusen? Dortmund maybe out of reach for now?

  22. which of our strikers do you think would start for most BuLi teams

  23. I wasn’t suggesting any of our strikers would start for most Bundesliga teams I just said our other attackers are Bundesliga quality like Weah, Aaronson, Pepi, Sargent.

  24. Considering Chelsea has one of the best academies in the world and they use them, Chelsea probably does the “buy every player strategy” less than the rest of the big 6. I’m always impressed at how ignorant y’all are

  25. Considering my comment says nothing about other big clubs it seems you are using mental gymnastics to try and justify deflecting any criticism of your club

  26. you have to honestly believe it is something that makes Chelsea unique to point it out and criticize it. Otherwise what’s the point of saying it? “I don’t like Liverpool because they wear shinguards” see how stupid that sounds?

  27. What a stupid comparison. There are only a couple of teams in the PL that have bought players at Chelsea’s level the last few years and yet you compare it shin guards?? You’re upset people don’t like your club but really you don’t have to care what I think or use such stupid analogies.

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