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An amazing showing.

  1. The biggest limitation of that buckle is the fact it has to activate immediately upon insertion, just to be accurate to the show, but it leads to it not working well with other buckles. Don't know why it cancels the extra sound effects of other buckles though.

  2. for the last part, its because it uses a "generic" pin that allows the sounds to play without the desire driver sounds getting in the way

  3. I see. Quick question then. Is the sound that the raise riser makes when put into the desire driver coming from the riser, or the driver itself (without MK2)?

  4. I'm a little envious. Wish I could take a picture like that.

  5. you can put a \ before the hastag (or any formatting commands) to cancel it

  6. why is the USA glad when Japan's the one risking earthquakes /s

  7. oh yeah, Ultra Fight Victory (which Hikari also appeared in lmao)

  8. its not his birthday today tho, i dont think theres even an official date

  9. In a way i also wouldnt be surprised if it was a jab at idol culture too, albeit subtle

  10. Beroba straight up calls Ace Ziin's oshi, it was definitely a reference to idol culture.

  11. The question should be the other way around. Shin Godzilla didn't have the same names for the protagonists either, Shin Kamen Rider is the odd one out.

  12. with that context id say its because Kamen Rider is more closely associated with his human identity, while ultraman isnt as much because the human is just a host

  13. They (producers) foolishly thought it was a good idea to not make as many big buckles. And instead they made a bunch of useless armed sounds in the driver. Armed forms like arrow and hammer are basically useless now (power scale is too high for Armed form).

  14. i think they made enough forms available (especially after Revice forms galore), but i do agree they shouldve utilised them more

  15. now that you said that, i bet Kakyoin's soul that noone is gonna say it

  16. He was the guy who said "Ultraman has returned!" in Mebius if I'm not mistaken

  17. yep, he played a pretty significant side character in that episode

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