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  1. It’s interesting cause soccer fans and American football fans dislike the other sport cause they both think there’s not enough action. Soccer is too much running around with nothing happening and football has to much stopping. Difference in culture I guess.

  2. If people defend a sport with their entire life its most likely just culture based. I don't think anyone will grow into a sport tard, willing to fight or even die for your sport or any team, unless someone from that team saved your life or smth I don't know. Else it makes no sense to me

  3. Holy fuck, okay... she says she has no money, then her (i assume) boss comments basically, you should stop calling in sick and come to work, then youd have money.

  4. Das Filme real sind. Ich habe zufällig eine screne aus Halloween mitbekommen und dachte das Filme einfsch echte Situationen, bloß gefilmt sind. Hab panisch geweint und nicht verstanden wieso sich jemand umbringen lässt nur um in einem Film zu landen oder wer sowas macht.

  5. You are a type, definitely not my type, but someone's for sure

  6. He had Charakter but transformed into a annoying one liner with decent punches at best. The context for his lines allways mattert but as time went by he's just doing and saying some random bullshit.

  7. Gin tonic. Kann man gut genießen und kein eklige Alkohol Geschmack

  8. Dick must be tiny if he's not moving to the side. He's the definition of small dick energy

  9. Um es mit den Worten von rhys aus borderlands zu sagen: belagerungsschnäuzer

  10. Wtff, is he on gear? He did not look like this like a month ago

  11. Dunno I got the feeling that she's that bad on purpose. Like a parody of a comedian.

  12. Bro that's Why they are called frauds. Bc they made you believe them and don't act like you knew it all along

  13. Geld ist halt wichtiger als Moral und die eigene Wertvorstellungen ne

  14. Isn't he bullet proof? He's been shot in almost every movie but he doesn't die, may be not an accurate joke

  15. Yeah as far as I know he can't die so maybe do this joke with some horror figur which can

  16. Notice how their entire large section of fans in the jerseys didn’t have a single woman.

  17. Yeah stay grumpy and sports are dumb! Hold on let me finish this episode of the Kardashians..

  18. Fuck it but one point I agree with. Company's are exploiting bad working conditions and child labor and many more shit for profit. I don't say that we should accept this Qatar shit, but I'm saying that we should criticize those company's as well

  19. I hate this "best of updates" when there is no final ending man

  20. Why should they up their standard if people throw money at them regardless?

  21. Also "bereuen" was verpasst zu haben, tun meist nur die Leute die in den 30er/40er ihren Partner betrogen haben, der sich gerade von einem dann trennt und die Leute denken das sie wenn sie ausgegangen wären, in der zeit jmd kennengelernt hätten den sie im Nachgang sicher nicht betrogen hätten.

  22. I didn't saw the movie but after this headline I thought he said something abusive or offensive, then I read it. Wtf.. Don't we have other things to worry about?

  23. Weil die Pizza wirklich geliefert wird und ich nicht daheim warte und 5min später ne Email kriegt das ich nicht zuhause war und ich die Pizza ja gerne ab Montag im Restaurant abholen kann

  24. War doch letztens erst son Bericht wie diese ganze Profi schwimmerinen und Schwimmer von ihren coaches immer sexuell belästigt werden und alles durch ging weil sie Angst um die Karriere hatten. Wir leben leider noch in einer Welt wo Leute sobald sie einen nackten Knöchel sehen das als Einladung zu sexuellem Handlungen aufnehmen, bei wem oder weil he's Alter spielt leider keine Rolle. Rip der Ruf des Vereinssportes

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