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  1. Love it. I still flip out when I see an E30 in town. Every time I gotta walk around it and get a good look.

  2. I think Schumacher/Earnhardt needs a slight addendum: Most people who were fans during their heyday think they are the GOATs. Plenty of new fans think Hamilton is the GOAT and even fans from an older generation think Senna is the GOAT. And then there's me who cannot be convinced Jimmy Clark and Cale Yarborough weren't the GOATs.

  3. McDowell was my 2nd favorite driver because I started a fantasy NASCAR league in college (nobody cared) and my roommate who doesn’t watch racing joined. You had to pick a favorite driver when making your team, so he chose McDowell by random draw. Every week he’d ask how his guy (he forgot his name) was doing. So following McDowell to give my roommate an update made me like the guy enough to be my 2nd favorite.

  4. Being in New York City it's tough to get to a race. My only realistic options are flying into an airport close to a track and taking a cab to the track.

  5. Dover is fun, I went from Long Island as a kid and had a blast

  6. Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave

  7. If you need proof lemme hit you with an insane stat. Jason Robertson scored 3 goals. He has done that 3 times in his career. That’s 9 goals. That’s 9 more goals than Anaheim scored today.

  8. If you're at a track where Corvettes are racing though, I'd say it's deeper and more rumbly-er even than the Cup stuff

  9. I went to Le Mans 10 years ago and could not believe how earth-shakingly loud and grumbly the Corvettes and Aston Martins were.

  10. Building their own motors? What are you smoking? They got c tier Roush Yates engines last year. RY didn't even have c tier motors anymore until Live Fast came along as asked. Front row was the last team to use them.

  11. C tier motors can be purchased and don't get tore down and refurbed like a and b tier motors after every race. A and B tiers are lease only. The ONLY people building Ford engines for Nascar are Roush Yates. You cant even get a block or parts now. Everything is handled by RYE.

  12. Alright that's fair, I should've said "use" instead of "build" their own engines. Nevertheless a B-tier ECR arrangement should absolutely help them keep up with the pack compared with what they were working with before.

  13. Terry Labonte at Darlington in '03. He hadn't won a race in 4 and a half years and was 23rd and 24th in points the 2 previous years. I couldn't believe he won that race, and at the track where he got his first win and made his first start. And we all knew that was his last one. That he was in that awesome Tony the Tiger striped car make it even better.

  14. Not that I disagree with the caution coming out, but if it hadn't come out he may have beaten McDowell back to the line for that 500

  15. That's awesome. I'm going to have to step into the big Flagship store in Manhattan to see if they've got them too.

  16. Why does no one seem to consider that they’re doing this to keep their draft pick? He only needs like 200 more yards or something to bump it up to a fifth from a sixth. I could see JD being shrewd and trying out some of the RB depth in a game they should win.

  17. You don’t fuck around with that kind of stuff when you’re in playoff contention with a third of the season left. If Robinson is a contributor to our playoff push, benching him to save a 6th from being a 5th would be beyond idiotic. It doesn’t matter the opponent. This is the NFL, where any team can win any week. Especially when starting a backup QB.

  18. Literally every F1 track in the world is within walking distance of Nashville so there's no way this is going to happen

  19. Car has failed Pre race inspection and hendrick motorsports has been fined and docked 30 hours of time in the wind tunnel. All Hendrick drivers will start the next season with -300 points.

  20. Starter motor. There are much more difficult jobs, but the sheer annoyance of that being such an unnecessarily complicated job for what’s usually super simple is incredible.

  21. Naw son. Check underneath, trunk area will be a giveaway. Also the hood alignment is looking pretty suspicious, crashed-ish.

  22. Yeah I’m aware how an E30 hood works. With my hood if it’s popped to open, it is perfectly uniform all the way down to the hinges in front of the glass.

  23. What that car is doing is very common. If there's some gunk/dirt/grime in the runners, the hood won't slide all the way forward. So it won't get out of the groove and the hood will sit exactly as this one does.

  24. An E30 would be perfect for what you're wanting. For a classic car, they're reliable (as long as they're maintained). Reliable enough for long weekend drives for sure. You'll want to go for a 6-cylinder model over the 4-cylinder to handle the hills better.

  25. Do not drive it for a few more weeks. You can do serious damage to the floor and differential. A great option is to get the driveshaft rebuilt. I did it a couple years ago. Took a few days but I got the driveshaft refurbished and balanced with a new CSB and serviceable u-joints for $350.

  26. What if they follow the NFL and have a god awful Thursday night race?

  27. I've always through the MT1 looks multitudes better than the MT2. MT2, especially on a white car, is a little bulbous.

  28. No you'd have to get a late model bar because of the mounting points and the turn signals.

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