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[Rapoport] Source: The #Giants fired Joe Judge.

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  1. Worth noting that under a more left wing leadership like the SNP, more public funds would be diverted more towards welfare and protections for those that need them.

  2. Not what the Growth Commission said


  4. The afters are done, your baggies empty, time to go home mate

  5. Spiking the ball there's no attempt at a play, it's sacrificing a down to stop the clock. If intentional grounding was legal, you'd never see a sack

  6. Don't rope us and the Scots in. It's those silly Anglos, mate.

  7. Google old firm domestic violence statistics

  8. Give me Schoen as GM, Daboll as HC, Fangio or Graham as DC, and Joe Brady or Dan Mullen as OC and I cry tears of happiness

  9. Joe Brady was fucking awful in Carolina, no thanks. Give me Dorsey

  10. Just fucking lie and say yes you'd vote yes to the whip then don't lmao

  11. All these countries celebrate indepence from Scotland as a part of that. Scotland was a willing coloniser as part of the Empire and our streets are built on colonial blood and gold.

  12. I don’t think Blackburn will sell Brereton. They can trigger a clause to keep him for another year, in which time they could resign him to a longer contract and sell him in the summer for a bigger fee. They are also trying to get promoted and Brereton has scored 22 goals, it makes no sense to sell in January.

  13. Or Brereton says no to the long contact past 2023 and leaves on a free next year? £25m is a massive amount to them

  14. You don't think an elected official moving from one party to another is at all comparable with the MP defecting? It's the same principle. She was happy to welcome a Tory to her party in 2018.


  16. The penalty we should've had was as obvious as they come


  18. You were very good, Goodwin's a cunt but he's a decent manager

  19. Yeah, those losers have 2 rings in 15 years.

  20. Why? Gets way more money, joins a bigger club. How does he deserve getting called a “rat”? I mean, if Souttar went to hibs then aye fair enough.

  21. The same way your lot immediately turned in Gerrard when he left for PL money and prestige.

  22. This is bullshit and you know it. Nobody at Rangers cared that he left for the premier league it was all about timing and him lying weeks before. Nothing to do with him wanting more money or prestige

  23. He's gone now, he can't hurt you any more x

  24. totally agree with Fyvie. When I first saw him at Utd I thought we had landed a star. after knee injury (which was his second I believe) he was a shadow of former player

  25. I've never seen a player fade as quickly as Fyvie did. He was exceptional first time around and then played terrified

  26. Taking it up a notch: Would he possibly have what it takes to play in the Premier League? I would love to see him there but I am not sure if he would be up to it.

  27. He has a YouTube he does this on purpose to prank people...kinda ballsy in Scotland

  28. And leave the entirety of Scotland unrepresented in Parliament?

  29. I hate to break it to you, but if the SNP achieve their goal of independence then they will be unrepresented in Westminster too.

  30. No shit, but currently they're not independent so the people of Scotland need to have representation in Westminster

  31. Not sure why you changed the headline.

  32. At this point even BritishAlba is calling for action.... wait, okay, maybe not BritishAlba

  33. Just pointing out every single party is now calling for him to resign.


  35. Not seen much of him - live in England so no coverage in pubs, got an 11 month old so no time and tight AF so no sky - is he good?

  36. He's got all the talent but nowhere near ready for consistent first team football. I think he'll be a star in 5 years.

  37. Absolutely not. The guy coached two 0-7 streaks in 3 seasons, couldn't hire staff to save his life, and made enemies of his players. He's Joe Judge with a better GM. Avoid.

  38. I'd like to thank God, Steve Tisch, and fuck the eagles

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