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  1. What time zone are you guys. The clan I’m in is mainly East coast and I played a ton with them before but my schedule has changed and now I never see anyone on. I’m PST currently

  2. I saw a woman there a couple weeks ago that looked ROUGH. I always hate getting off at that exit or stopping at 101 & Scottsdale rd. They seem to have a team that rotates the spots at that one.

  3. My kid went on a kick where all he wanted to listen to in the car was the Bluey soundtrack. I'll hear episodes from another room later and identify them by their music. At one point I went on a tangent about an episode combining two different musical cues as each story progressed and crossed and my wife thought I'd lost my mind. Felt like that Charley conspiracy meme.

  4. My wife found the first 2 seasons on dvd at target and now it’s all that plays on the screen in the car.

  5. Why? They’re traitors and lost. I’m sure there are better people you could name the schools after.

  6. I don’t understand public schools being named after military generals at all. I feel that if you want a school to have a significant name you can pick a famous mathematician or scientist. Pick someone from the region that made significant strides for mankind so the kids have something to learn about and have pride in their high school. Or just name it after the town of you have to be racists and don’t wanna be outright, it’s Virginia. We get it.

  7. I had heart palpitations for a second until I saw the second picture. Haha

  8. Yeah man. Dude can’t get a loan to buy his own damn boat because superheroing apparently does not pay the bills.

  9. This is not my post, but the sheer number of removed comments on this should make everyone on here proud of everyone out there wanting food served on a proper plate.

  10. At least you're not a bot. Stop reposting this.

  11. Knew a guy who got an Article 15 for not shaving. Dude was an awesome guy, great technician, but just didn't Air Force all

  12. Man I had someone threaten me paperwork because I missed 1 hair above my ear and it was touching my ear. Told him to fuck off and nothing happened.

  13. Yeah man. Doing something like that I bet Space Force begged him to join.

  14. spread mayo on the steak after sous vide. in a pan or grill, no need for oil.

  15. do you have any details or any resources to point me towards for sous vide vanilla? I have been thinking about doing vanilla but don't want to wait all that time.

  16. It’s easy. Get a mason jar of the size you desire. Plan on a lot of use then go big. If just occasionally need vanilla then get a smaller jar. I would recommend buying vanilla online or at a big box store like Costco as the beans can be expensive. You will need 3-5 beans depending on the size of the jar you are using. Split those beans length wise and place in jar. Fill jar with a clear neutral spirit like vodka, white rum, or white whiskey. I use Tito’s because it’s not too expensive and easy to find. Set your sous vide to 145 F and have the water up to right below the lid. Those suckers can rust. Leave in there for a minimum of 3 hours. Extra time will just continue the extraction process but there are diminishing returns at that point. Be sure to keep it in a dark place while storing. I also have a small flip top bottle that I transfer over to for what I regularly use.

  17. This seems super cool but what do you mean by "making vanilla"? Is it supposed to be a drink or like some sort of extract?

  18. Living in Denver I am blessed with easy access to both Bierstadt Slow Pour and Westbound Italian. Two very different but exceptionally tasty pilsners.

  19. Man that 5 minute pils is so damn good. We went there a few years back during GABF and they just had lines of glasses being poured to hand out to drinkers.

  20. They are investigating schnanigans that the hoodlums are committing. It’s very important to figure out who stepped on mothers roses.

  21. Wonder did they’ll keep the marble bar-top.

  22. I do t care about that. I wanna know if they are going to keep the Macho Man flying up there.

  23. And the anime, and the spinoff game, and the novel that gives it an actual ending.

  24. Wait. They gave it an actual ending and not just a drop ended WTF that it had.

  25. What pisses me off most about this is the yankee fans that have been the most vocal about booing the Astros and they were the pathway that led to what we did. Teams look for how to get around what another team is doing to get the edge and that led to them accepting the idea of watching the replay video to steal signs. Because other teams had done it as well. Fuck manfred and fuck the Yankees.

  26. Use the grill weekly for 3 years and never clean it. Happened to my uncle last summer while he was grilling

  27. I have had it happen to mine even after a clean. Do a 16 hour cook on a brisket followed by going high heat to cook off some Mac and cheese and more oil spills over. Big flames and had to wire brush everything and respray with high heat spray paint and start my seasoning layer all over again. I tend to do a lot of long cooks and came from using a stick burner that you want creosote layer to build up because it never gets too high. I’ve had my Traeger for about 4 years now and have only had it happen a couple months ago.

  28. Man if I paid for Netflix and didn’t borrow my brothers Girlfriends uncle-in-laws password, I would be pissed.

  29. Reading this I expected a redirect to a 404 page and thought it would be a funny April fools joke.

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