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  1. I don't have advice but our kid did that, too. We tried (I'm pretty sure) evvvverything. I would say he's just an early riser. It went from 430 -> 5 -> 530 -> 6 -> currently at around 630 (he just turned two). Let me just say I feel ya, and I hope it turns around cause MAN that is early hahah.

  2. 3 hours of naps plus a bedtime/wake time of near 12 hours is more likely to be undertired. Baby is maxed out of sleep at 430/5am at that point. This is especially true if he just kind of wakes up quietly. Very few babies can do 15 hours of sleep at 7 months.

  3. We don’t know if there is a reason and even if there isn’t, why should a parent be forced to leave her children if they don’t want to? This should have been discussed by the wife and husband before this and they both should have decided how to handle this.

  4. Thank you! That’s what i was thinking too! No parent has to leave their kids with someone if they don’t want to. We know nothing about the dynamic they have with the in-laws, so her not wanting to could be completely reasonable. I think there was a tactful way to say no, but it sounds like OP was caught off guard and didn’t know how to react

  5. I have no idea why you were branded the ahole so quickly. NTA. It’s totally normal to not feel comfortable leaving your kids over night with in-laws/parents/other relatives. We also have no idea what the dynamic of your relationship with the in-laws are. I also find it strange your husband didn’t back you up? It sounds to be like a better response would be to tell them you’ll discuss with your husband and then tell them no at a later time that way you and your husband are on the same page. But you’re definitely NTA.

  6. I think it’s good to have a will for a child’s sake in general. Not for dying in childbirth which is very unlikely (depending on where you live), but if something were to happen after your child is born it’s good to have a will describing how you want your finances spent and who will take care of your child etc. it’s been on my to do list, my LO is 7 months.

  7. Some women hate seeing newer generation dads do any baby care because they think everyone should suffer as much as they did. Bitter Betty’s. Next time I’d ask her why it upsets her so much that her son is actually taking an active role in parenting a child he created

  8. My MIL is a bitter Betty. She practically mocked us when my husband said he could get a month off of work and then ended up taking an additional 2 weeks after that.commenting on how i couldn’t handle the baby alone. No ma’am , i preferred to have my husband taking care of our newborn with me. Crazy ass generation

  9. i didnt start limiting day sleep til my son turned like 6 months old. at that age (10 weeks) i just made sure his last nap wasnt too close to bedtime, like 1 hour - 1 hour 15 mins between last nap of day and bed time.

  10. that was hard to read. How can he just say I am done... thats your guy's child!

  11. our son did this from birth and while its not harmful, let me give you some friendly advice.

  12. it Really Depends on how they are in regards to safety rules, listening to your rules etc. Setting up a room wo talking to you first is very presumptious IMHO. If they treat you with respect, don't ignore you play pass the baby, aren't creepy regarding diaper changes, and treat your baby like a person instead of a doll its fine. unfortunately my in laws will never babysit because we can't trust them. if they were trustworthy and had a safe house I'd have no issues

  13. i dont think what they are doing is necessarily bad, but i do think its not really plausible to drop a new born off for any extended period of time. in my personal experience having the in-laws or parents baby sit at their house wouldnt be my first choice (and still has not been done to this day). I have my dad and in-laws baby sit at our house. I like having the baby here because our house is safe and clean (up to my cleanliness standards lol. LO is always rolling and scooting on the floor so i have strict standards on cleanliness) and has everything we need at our house (extra outfits, right size diapers, plenty of formula and bottles, plenty of burp cloths etc). Plus I feel like, if you want to see baby, you can make the trip out to me, not the other way around.

  14. You’re not missing anything except the washing. In the beginning they go through so many bottles so quickly you don’t have time to wait for the dishwasher to run. You end up hand washing and drying. Now he only gets 5 bottles a day and plenty of time in between so we can put them in the dishwasher. But i didn’t consider the washing to be that much of an inconvenience…. I mean there’s lot of inconveniences with babies, that’s just life 🤷‍♀️

  15. I thought if I found a bottle that worked I'd get like 12 of them. How many bottles did you go through a day in the beginning?

  16. We have about 10 bottles total and went through 10 in the first couple months, down to 8 in month 3, then 6/7 in months 4 and 5, now he gets 5 bottles a day at almost 7 months and probably will til he is 10 months old then we will go down to 4 bottles per day

  17. This mostly comes down to how you feed the baby. We did formula and could share care 50/50. I had baby from 9p-2a and my husband took over from 230a-7a. Then he would nap for 2 hours and then we would share responsibility all day but with me having more of the primary care while my husband did household chores (he did all laundry, grocery shopping, and dishes). That’s how we survived though. Most nights we each got between 4-5 hours of sleep.

  18. I feel like I'm reading my future here. I'm due in 7 weeks and am not a fan of the pass the baby game. My MIL got testy when my partner told her that we'd be expecting people to ask permission before holding our child.

  19. It’s such a common thing, and idk if it’s just the older generation or if it’s cultural but i HATE pass the baby. It’s so unsettling for that child. We had a rule where not only did you have to ask you also needed to wash your hands and be fully vaccinated. (Don’t get me started on FIL refusing the flu and Covid vaccine) I also eventually learned to make clear that i will take baby back at any moment i please. I’ve read too many horror stories of MILs refusing to give baby back as a “joke”. I don’t find that shit funny so i made it clear if you don’t give me my kid you won’t be welcome in my house. To this day no one has tried that on me :)

  20. Everyone is already vaccinated thankfully, with the exception of their tdap (whooping cough) which I'm also going to request of people. The washing hands is also a must. I don't know where people have been.

  21. Ugh I’m so sorry. I hope using boundaries work and having him back you helps.

  22. I just hope that Teddy makes this point while showering for some reason.

  23. My mom keeps telling me that I had major texture problems when learning to eat. I apparently went from smooth purees to normal food. I would hate everything that had multiple textures at once like fruit yogurts with fruits, or lumpy purees, tapioca, ... My mom said she just kept trying new things until she found things that I would accept. I now know I have sensory defensiveness and I just got overwhelmed when too much was going on in my mouth.

  24. You could probably start giving him food that’s in stick form to feed himself. Things like thin sticks of cheese, buttered toast, waffles or pancakes cut into triangles or sticks, cooked green beans or zucchini or carrot sticks, slices of cucumber or pickle, finger sized pieces of meat, scrambled or hard boiled eggs. And really if he’s interested in what you’re eating let him try it. I think kids learn a lot from trying new things and making a mess

  25. YTA because of your edit. You admit that you went to this hospital knowing that it is a teaching hospital (medical school hospital). The students can’t learn if they don’t observe.

  26. I am a nurse and i work at a teaching hospital. You are still allowed to go and ask that students don’t observe. It doesn’t matter if it’s a teaching hospital or a small community hospital- you are entitled to privacy and should have the autonomy to refuse students. I’ve done it many times throughout my pregnancy. Sometimes a teaching hospital is the only option. Or it’s the closest hospital. Or the only one accepting insurance and so on. Your logic is flawed and you clearly have little to no understanding of healthcare and patient rights.

  27. Hey Mod- I am having trouble making posts. Ill make a post and then it does not appear in the sub. I am not sure where else to ask you for help for this so im jumping on your pinned announcement. help!

  28. Auto-mod has been being a dick lately and removing posts randomly. I’ve approved your post, please feel free to message me if you have this issue again.

  29. When I started leaving them alone regularly and for long chunks of time. Your partner won’t be comfortable and learn to recognise the cries or where everything is for baby care unless they actually have to take the lead on it - and they can’t if you are doing all the thinking and care for them.

  30. This. I started leaving my SO with my son around 4 months old for a few hours every Monday. Before that point he was uncomfortable bathing him, putting him to bed and giving him his famotidine. Now at 6.5 months he does all of the above

  31. Okay so, let the daycare know, NO ONE is to pick up your child other than you and your husband. Period. My daycare has strict rules on this and we have to give a written okay everytime someone other than me and my husband pick up our son. If i learned one of the grandparents got my son without asking me i would have absolutely lost my shit. I would go completely NC and rip this lady a new butthole. Like another redditor pointed out- the worst part of this story is that your husband is not on your team. You guys need to be a team and united front when you speak to her. Definitely NTA

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