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  1. BMW e60 M5. fast enough, in the budget, can be modified. glorius sounding v10 , 500Hp. running cost isn't that much problem when running as weekend car

  2. and MPG and insurance cost not to mention rod bearing issue.

  3. depending how much you're planning to drive but 50k-70k is only 'worth' of one year driving.

  4. usually RHD/LHD is insured by usual insurance companies.

  5. do you know where i can get carburetor cleaner or just send me a link? thanks

  6. put the alarm at the lastest possible when you need to go. them when alarm goes it is too late to snooze and you need to run.

  7. if you need rims you need to know the PCD and center hole. and have some idea of the ET .

  8. if it keeps overheating, and you keep driving, be prepare for new head gasket etc .

  9. Hahaha how. I can’t see any Reg number

  10. 747-200 PIA operated nine so there is not that many possibilities.

  11. Thanks for the reply! What source did you use to get all the history?

  12. not in correct position. when properly seated the pad is not a able to move up or down .

  13. What does bank 1 mean? There are 2 sensors, intake and exhaust. Which one?

  14. I also have to hold in the throttle to start it up or I can't pull the starting cord, if the throttle is not fully engaged it won't pull

  15. if the carb leaks to the cylinder it will hydrolock the piston.

  16. if you drop your helmet without your head inside, there is a possibility that that helmet is still usable, but if the helmet goes down with your head in it, it's a different story.

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