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Cortez Masto defeats Laxalt in Nevada, handing Democrats control of the Senate

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  1. Do you like your recruiter? I just submitted to an assignment with them

  2. Yes, good dude, pm me and I'll give you his name

  3. I've never heard this, and if I did, I'd immediately think that person is dumb

  4. Is there another city that does it like Pittsburgh?

  5. I still don't know what this was and it makes me laugh every single time

  6. Not thrilled about this. Why not just keep Lyles if we want a starting pitcher with a low ceiling??? Ideally we wouldn’t sign one at all

  7. Dane Cook got as popular as he did because of his delivery. He had dollar store material but top shelf delivery. He can make anything sound funny the first time, but there's diminishing returns when you hear it multiple times.

  8. God when he poured water on himself pretending to be the Alien, so fucking funny back in the day

  9. So leave the hospital, everyone knows hca's are the worst. Work at a non-hca, easy solution

  10. I have the flu, most of my family got the flu during Thanksgiving. It has been a tough one

  11. I'm gonna. I really thought wiping asses and cleaning drool were going to be the worst part for me.....

  12. Na it's a solid job, working 3 days with no take home work is incredible. Incomparable job security. A great unit is a lovely place to work

  13. More like 60-150. 200 an hour is over half a million a year. I'm only making 66 an hour as a traveler, although since so much is tax free it's like I'm making more

  14. Ya fuck em, I don't care they can't drink. The antisemitism and homophobia is way worse

  15. It's incredible. Solving the mystery was so addicting

  16. But if you wait for the rates to drop to 3% again you'll just be in the same boat of having to try to outbid ten people on every house you come to.

  17. You aren't waiting for a 3% rate, you're waiting for home prices to drop to match a mortgage rate of 8%

  18. I like it more than my finance job. Working 3 days with no take home work is amazing

  19. Kentucky (who voted overwhelmingly red in their senate race) and Montana also rejected anti-abortion ballot measures during these midterms. Every state that had abortion-related votes directly on the ballot ended up going in favor of abortion (along with the aforementioned, California, Vermont, and Michigan voted to enshrine abortion rights, though those aren't so surprising). It's clear that most Americans are against stripping away abortion rights. Frankly I'm still just surprised it wasn't more of a deciding factor this election.

  20. They'll lose eventually, they are on the wrong side

  21. Go Maryland! I'm Maryland too 😊 Shit so many nurses I work with blaze, they only drug test on hire (or if you really fuck up). They know well that they would lose too much staff

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