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  1. I was watching with the Australian commentary and they sounded really impressed. Imo he's been our most consistent (ly good) players since appearing. He's definitely primarily a defensive full back and those aren't really in vogue right now but even when attacking he adds a nice little bit of bulk to an otherwise very light weight back line. Surprised word of him had not really reached upside down land, but to be honest I don't really know who's up and coming down there either.

  2. Yeah he’s fucking massive and is also one of the best in the world under the high ball- both very useful characteristics

  3. Carbery needs to have a big game here if he wants Farrell to continue with him

  4. You know what- that’s an excellent try. Can’t complain there

  5. Ireland vs New Zealand. I do feel Ireland have a chance provided they get a score on the board early. Porter’s scrummaging could be an issue, as Ireland will need dominance there if they want to win.

  6. I really thought we were trying to move past Sanchez

  7. Let me preface this by saying both unis are among the top in the country for just about every subject- often 1 and 2. It’s difficult to go wrong with either and you may want to have a look at what courses are on offer at each as that is likely to have a greater effect on where you apply than rankings (given how small the difference between the two universities is).

  8. There are a couple of reasons that the acceptance rates are not extremely low at Oxbridge (comparative to Harvard or Princeton for example). Primarily, it’s because of the pre-screen to ensure that everyone who applies is a serious applicant.

  9. Right lads I’ve woken up. Time to watch some rugby (or what’s left of it)

  10. Ironically after Scotland lost to Italy at home in 2015 they almost reached the world cup semi-final later that year.

  11. So far I’d say Le Garrec or Fakatava. Potentially Capuozzo as well depending on how he plays for Italy and Toulouse

  12. Squidge has had me convinced for a long time that Garbisi is the second coming of Jesus

  13. This poll is missing Neil Francis.

  14. Couldn’t think of anymore guys to stick on the list, hence Farrell, but thinking about it now, Francis and Craig Joubert are definitely more derserving

  15. I’m pretty sure Union’s number system used to be the same as in League- as in starting with fullback at 1, going through all the backs from fullback to halfback and then through the forwards from prop to lock.

  16. I had the 2016 jersey which was quite nice imo- very basic- but clean. Had light green piping on the collar bone and a white collar that looked really good.

  17. This is a really strong side for an A game. Nice mix of youth and experience.

  18. I feel like the article really underplays how serious a ruptured achilles is. That’s like 6 months minimum up to a year or longer out.

  19. Bright start to the season- the best performance of which was beating Exeter 22-7 at home in the Champions Cup in December. We were 2nd in the league at one point.

  20. Ace Tuala is the most Baa Baas player I can think of. Loads of random skills, hates tackling

  21. Na back in the days. Maybe it was a nz thing or local club rugby rule but I think it was 3 week min stand down.

  22. Good decision and it’s good that WR are taking this extremely seriously. Hearing some guys talk about how the ‘game’s gone soft’ really pisses me off. Concussion is no joke. Some things are more important than rugby and if this improves the quality of life of for players post-rugby even a little, then it will 100% be worth it.

  23. Breaks my heart every time I read or hear an interview with Doddie. Horrible to see the deterioration of such an incredible character over the last 5 years.

  24. It was a school game. So the previous weekend, we’d beaten our biggest rivals- who’s team was absolutely stacked- for the first time in my time playing. A lot of us (me included) grew up playing alongside their players for club and knew them all very well, so it was a massive result that also had implications on qualification on the knockouts of the biggest competition we were playing in. Never given a chance at the start of the season, we were in pole position to make the knockouts, and just needed a draw in the final match of the group ensure it. We were playing a team from a rural area, full of farmers and hard bastards, but not that talented a side. We’d certainly beaten them before and the team we’d beaten the previous weekend had put 60 on them earlier in the season.

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