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Boston Hospital refuses heart transplant for man after he refuses to be vaccinated

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  1. Keep on rockin in the FREE world (except free speech if I don’t agree with it)

  2. Yeah, it was of a fuck you to America and the president at the time. But, now if someone (Joe Rogan) goes against what the government and president says he gets upset, right? I’m not a fan of Rogan or Young, just think it’s stupid.

  3. well good thing he wasnt a black woman casting a provisional ballot

  4. It’s happening here in Wyoming too. Like most of these dumbshits ever actually go to the library.

  5. imagine if libraries never existed and someone proposed the idea today

  6. Will they be able push on through? Is this something Manchin can block?

  7. yes he could block it assuming zero republicans vote for it

  8. Think if I was a child of a holocaust survivor my reply to his apology would be to "shove it up your anti-science ass. I apologize to any antivaxxers whose buttholes are offended by this remark".

  9. the god damn Auschwitz museum keeps having to tell various conservative groups that no wearing a mask or taking a vaccine is not the same thing as the holocaust

  10. another song played by flag-wavers who aint listening to the words

  11. do you think the doctors replacing his FUCKING heart could gauruntee his health?

  12. his support is already fading among Republican party operatives. As the din of incessant state & federal legal proceedings occupies the public stage daily for months this year, the rats will scatter & one or more trumps along with much of their criminal mob will, figuratively, swing

  13. It's expensive.... but well worth it. I Spent 200 American on a pair of black overalls in 2006 that I still have and use. Carhartt makes quality gear.

  14. ya i have a jacket of theirs that ive had for at least a decade. i dont wear it all the time cause im not about to wear work clothes to the grocery store or bar, but working and doing chores outside its held up great.

  15. Lmao if you think this has anything to do with responsible gun ownership

  16. there is no requirement to be responsible with your guns, so as far as i care there is no distinction

  17. America, where the most mundane argument is easily escalated into life and death situation

  18. Election fraud earns these people one year in prison, but god forbids you’re caught with an ounce of weed.

  19. Way to paint with the widest brush possible on a subject you obviously know nothing about. If the majority of gun owners in the US were this way, there would be no question about that fact. I am pretty hardcore 2A and feel that this bitch needs to be buried under the prison, and don’t know anyone that would disagree. Go off though.

  20. As a full-fledged, card carrying Second Amendment supporter, this is NOT a person who should possess a firearm.

  21. nope, you dont get to be all second amendment ra-ra and then try to act like you have nothing to do with crazy people getting guns. you and the organizations and politicians you support are responsible for this lady being free to buy a gun.

  22. But they do need probable cause and even then an investigation is completed before charges are filed. Every employee (not just LEO’s) should only be suspended until an investigation is complete. No employer should be able to fire someone based solely on unfounded suspicions.

  23. You could try to be civil. Name calling is the mark of a third grader. Do better.

  24. im not a dipshit that thinks probable cause is a condition that needs to be met to be fired. its a job, not an indictment.

  25. no they want people "who speak like them", sometimes itss being a dumbass racist (trump) or other times its being really smart and knowing that you can speak like a dumbass racist to attract them as viewers (carlson)

  26. So many people are saying “this is what Texans get for voting for this lol” and it’s so ignorant. Texas is horribly gerrymandered and most Texans did not vote for deregulation. There are so many issues at play here, and putting the blame on Texas voters and laughing at their circumstances is NOT the way to go.

  27. 60 rounds isn't a lot. I'm not even a gun person and i have more than that on my desk at home. The number of rounds isn't what concerns me.

  28. All of them that were expected to. It is sad that just one couldn’t have stood up for the people, but that’s not what they do. The Democrats are supposed to be the party for the people, and this is a classic example of how they can be so easily dissuaded from doing what is right.

  29. all republicans were expected to vote for it? then it would pass easily. the only reason manchin matters is they cant find enough republicans to pass the filibuster

  30. It’s not even up for debate that the lockdowns and mandates have caused labor, supply chain, and transportation shortages. Sure some places are empty due to weather but the vast majority of the world experiencing these shortages is not due to weather. The wealthy with assets can watch their income grow and sit at home while the policy makers print money when they need more. Some of us that work to live and can’t afford healthcare, healthy food, a decent living space. We were all fuc!ed when these lockdowns started. It’s no different than starving sanctions.

  31. there havent been widespread lockdowns in the US in almost 2 years

  32. There is a cost to lockdowns. For those who laughed at people ‘caring about the economy over lives’ you’re about to see what the power of mass inflation and shortage feels like

  33. ive been hearing the news talk about grocery shortages all year and have no fucking clue what theyre taking about

  34. Eh, things like this do get harder once you've lost the element of surprise. You generally have on shot at it, regardless of what a lot of alarmists on Reddit think.

  35. theye made it easier for themselves the next time around since they control many state legislatures.

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