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  1. Yes these cause ed. i have the same problem; high prolactin and high tsh

  2. So my goal throughout my entire fitness/healthy lifestyle was to start off with a solid foundation (clean eating/hard training). I wanted to reach my genetic peak before thinking about TRT or options similar.

  3. That's new age mumbo jumbo

  4. Google is a search engine. Cannot trust anything without proper references given. Also that seems to be some thesis a psychology major did to get a phd. Retroactive jealousy just call it jealousy ffs instead adding new umbrella terms for no reason.

  5. Hey, I use clonazepam too for my OCD and intrusive thoughts. However haven’t recovered fully yet. I’m always pissed thinking how ill never be able to fully solve this problem but posts like yours give me hope.

  6. Do you take clonazepam as an SOS or regular medicine? I have Ocd too and I took it as an SOS because I used to get sudden overwhelming feelings.

  7. I used it as SOS too, but it was often. I take vortioxetine daily

  8. I have a premier miles card that I pay the annual fees for and is still valid for another 8 months. What will happen to the card if I move it to Axis? Please help.

  9. Shouldn't you be calling Citibank for info rather than asking here? They are more likely to give you a clearer picture than any random people on the internet.

  10. Would have probably done that eventually. Thought someone might have done it and asked for it here.

  11. Anybody taking vortioxetine tablets for depression/anxiety?

  12. A doc can prescribe you an AI. Are you on TRT or just natural?

  13. Just natural but with hypothyroidism and idiopathic prolactinomia. No sex drive, ed

  14. Gotcha ya your high prolactin is likely the cause of Ed. Do treat with caber?

  15. Yeah been on caber for a long time now. Ni effects!

  16. Great point. MRI was all clear, thyroid looks fine, no medications that play a role. I guess I should rephrase my question to: so while we continue to search for the root cause, what's the best option to mitigate symptoms right now?

  17. Hey currently dealing with high prl, hypothyroidism and depression. Are you depressed or are on anti depressants?

  18. I’m so sorry you’re experiencing this. I went through the exact same thing. I slowly tapered off Trintellix and was med-free for a little over a month. It was pure hell. And it ruined my relationship with the most patient, loving, understanding man I have ever been with. He just couldn’t take it anymore. It was pure misery to be with me. I needed constant reassurance, was a crying s*icidal mess 24/7, couldn’t function, was hopeless, irritable, enjoyed nothing, and completely lost myself. I have ended up back on meds because I truly could not take it anymore off of them and it’s been about 47 days and I’m finally leveling back out but it’s too late. My relationship is over and now I am grieving that on top of stabilizing back on meds. I’m here if you need to talk. The past few months have been hell for me.

  19. Oh god I just started with brintillex/trintellix. Do you suggest I go off them?

  20. No I would never suggest to anyone to go off a med because of a personal experience

  21. Can you make international payment through the Amazon cc?

  22. Guys, I am a 27f dating a 26m. I am screwing up our relationship due to RJ. He is probably the most attractive man I have ever dated, and he has a bigger history than me. While I was in a committed relationship that almost ended in marriage for 7 years, he experienced more in terms of sex and the majority of his exes and hookups are stunning girls. I never had good self-confidence and the comparison I make with them kills me. Like many of you said, I wake up and think about it. Every ruminating thought dominates my mind at work to the point I get in a bad mood and bring it in the relationship. Like he says, I grill him to the point of exhaustion and he is scared I'll eventually push him away. He keeps reassuring me that I am the only one that he wants but I can't believe it, just because I don't think I am the best he has ever had. I need help from someone that understands what I am going through, cause I tried to talk to him about it and he doesn't get it. My friends don't get it either. Please, help me. I really love him and I want a future with him.

  23. hey just go to a psychiatrist and get on anti depressants, theyve helped me a lot and I cant thank them enough. Now I am looking into therapy so maybe try that if you haven't

  24. Hey all our details match! Anyways yes it has been that way with me too. When I’m with her I get lost in the moment and nothing bothers me. Was on meds for a couple of months but went off and now after six months rj is back albeit weaker than before but still bothering.

  25. I haven’t tried therapy yet or any meds. I was thinking of starting but I don’t think therapy will be effective in long term. I might be totally wrong here. But I think meditation can cleanse from within.

  26. I think youve got it wrong. Therapy might help in the long term, medication just hides the symptoms

  27. I have 4 MRI, India, I have 3 saying it's a microadenoma and one calling it a swelling

  28. Hey Indian here too. If you’re in Hyderabad I know of an endocrinologist that is treating me for the same issue, lmk if you want his contact

  29. Happens. I usually stress eat and get back to glancing formulas and then later start skimming through the notes, you may try

  30. If it is non-stop, straight line or a curve with an exceptionally large radius, then yes. If you add stops, then no way.

  31. There are not many major towns between both the citities

  32. Congratulations, once you go German there’s no going back.

  33. You play forza with a controller or a wheel? I play forza 4 with a controller and honestly does not feel fun

  34. If you liked BF1, try BF5 as it has a healthy playerbase and join the battlefield india server,they hosts their BF5 server on a daily basis.

  35. Hey, how do I join the bf india server? Pretty new to the game

  36. Honestly why is 50kms an issue? Are these people taking a flight everyday to office?

  37. I take one flight every week and there are people like us

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