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  1. I did contact eBay for business on FaceBook. This is my first time contacting them but it's been 4 hours since I messaged them and haven't received a response. Is it the kind of thing where they respond within a few business days? I haven't called eBay yet because I spoke to the chat support and they requested I waited 48 hours to hear back from their team. But after that if things haven't been solved, I'll definitely call. From my experience, calling them has like a 50/50 chance of fixing the issue.

  2. I’ve never had issue with customer service removing negative reviews once a return is completed. Generally, they can remove them once a claim has been filed…. From my experience, it doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, if they leave a negative review and then proceed to file a return claim (and you offer free returns) they will remove the negative.

  3. Hopefully this has been said, but if they returned the item and you refunded them, contact eBay to have them remove the negative feedback. You might give them some insight as to this buyers nefarious ways…. Though I hesitate to suggest that you make mention of how this stems from sales on a different marketplace.

  4. In my auction league, I’ll have a reasonable value for him, but I’m not going to target him because I fully believe he will be overvalued.

  5. Sigh… I really wish all marketplaces would be crystal clear about how reviews work, because it is reasonable for a person to think “hey, I’ll give 3 stars or neutral rating because it was very good but not perfect. 5 stars/positive would mean it’s perfect since it’s the highest.

  6. Idk but if I was you when they send it back record the package being opened that way if whatever was in the case isn’t there you have irrefutable proof. They seem to be trying to social engineer a refund while keeping the card minus the case.

  7. While still a fine idea, this is not irrefutable proof.

  8. Shouldn't be. They are simply telling you what they are going to do. That's not extortion. Extortion would be "let me return it for a full refund or I'll leave you negative feedback". Note the subtle difference.

  9. It’s still extortion… but you can get it removed if they open a case for a return and get their money back.

  10. Maybe let the seller know in case they are holding the item for you. I stopped pending things because people would never show up and i would lose other possible customers.

  11. Yeah…. Also maybe let the seller know that you were able to find it from the manufacturer for cheaper than they are offering… like, not in a rude way, but I’d want to know if something I was selling used was in sale new for much cheaper….. at least then I can decide whether it makes sense to lower the price or relist later when the sale is over

  12. They most likely already blocked OP... even if they didn't they'd be dumb not to cancel.

  13. But wouldn’t it also harm them to cancel… so, while they’d be spending revenge money, they’d either get to leave a one star OR they’d force the seller to cancel an order risking their status

  14. Where did the phone come from? If it's new open box and a newer model someone will want a receipt showing it was purchased to uphold warranty in most cases.

  15. This is true, but the situation could’ve been made better had the buyer asked before purchasing the item.

  16. Boy howdy did I make the right call benching Rudy.

  17. Shout out to SGA for doing exactly what he needed to do to get me the championship this week!

  18. The Hornets should be fined, that was some bullshit

  19. For playing their starter who became their starter after a trade of their prior starter or for benching a guy who played starters minutes while the current starter was injured and got a DNP coaches decision after putting in more minutes in a short period of time than he could’ve possibly anticipated?

  20. Bro has one job, just keep your mouth closed 🙃

  21. I feel like he has at least one job outside of keeping his mouth closed 🤔

  22. That’s not “the norm” (though I like the championship being two weeks), so I’d check your league settings to see what it says, or ask commissioner.

  23. Might not qualify among the best, but guys like PJ Tucker are interesting in that they have served genuinely important roles on the court while being pure poverty in fantasy

  24. Yeah there are tons of “glue guys” who have a lot of on the court value (and off the court leadership) who do nothing for fantasy but do a lot for their team.

  25. Hustlers... guys who do a lot of running to cover a wide area for defense... RoCo, Thybulle?

  26. Thybulle definitely, roco in recent years yes…. But he was an absolute stud for about 3-4 years

  27. In his last seven games he has two without at least three threes…. If you know what you should hope to get out of him, you’ve been getting it.

  28. They will always tank…. 30 years from now: still rolling with the tank…. SGA STILL gets shut down. Oldest player ever in the nba, so he just takes naps after ASB

  29. If you draft a vet on a shit team this happens but overall you can't control who sits and plays. The NBA has become a circus with this and as long as the alien is commissioner it will get worse. Other sports you don't have to worry about this

  30. Yeah… they really need to shut down the term shut down.

  31. Benched players in the last SECONDS a couple of times this season lol

  32. This is the move…. Or you can double fake: bench then 1-2 hours before game time and then put them back in right before first tip off

  33. lol Is there a purpose behind this? Just trying to make your opponent misjudge what categories you’re trying to win?

  34. I’m pretty out on Simmons, but I’ll admit that if he gets moved I’ll consider him as an end of draft guy…. Someone to snag and be ready to drop for a better prospect.

  35. Man….. I’m trying so hard not to pick up guys for just one game, but there were a few streams tonight that would’ve been big, even if for only one game.

  36. Yeah I’m the same way. I usually only add guys with b2b’s or 3 games in 4 days to maximize my streaming but due to it being a light day and w/ duren being ruled out pregame I rolled the dice on Bagley

  37. Yeah, Bagley and Sandro both came up big, and both will likely only be useful in this one game.

  38. I have him in il+ but if he doesn’t get il tomorrow and remains out, I’ll probably drop if there is someone else I need to slot in IL+ to make a pickup

  39. And the debate between the shut down and the not shut down continues to gather kindling

  40. Am I the only one who hates when people “lol” things that aren’t at all things you would lol at?

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