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  1. It’s because this version of Batman doesn’t actually go out a lot like a playboy. In this writers version is mostly a brutish fighter.

  2. There’s an alternate universe where Guy Gardner is the Green Lantern god or whatever and I want to move there.

  3. Is that the world without a justice league tie in from last week?

  4. Again it doesn’t make sense to me that Arcade is still alive when he pisses off Wolverine, Doctor Doom, hell now Thor? Seriously these are guys that will kill you if you piss them off like Arcade does.

  5. Gotta be, but also there is usually some twist. And then a twist on that.

  6. Yeah the article doesn't label them well who's the artist on that one?

  7. Well I am bothered by the fact that there is no speculation that B.J. Novak is the father of MY children. So there.

  8. It actually sucks that marvel is treating their VFX artists like shit. A multi billion dollar company should be able to pay enough amount of money to pay their VFX artists well.

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