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  1. Anyone know of some steezy men's Spring Shred DWR hoodies?? Like, my wife can find 1000 of them for the ladies in Volcom alone...I can barely find anything for dudes across all brands. Need something for those 45 degree slush bluebird days that's not my 2L or 3L goretex...I found some fleece stuff but that's about it.

  2. Seen a lot of the 686 hoodies out there. Water resistant poly-bonded fleece as well as waterproof options

  3. Annnd instantly biffs it hah… takes me back to grade school ski trips when every kid bragged that faster=more gud

  4. Why stop there? Burn down the whole neighborhood so the squirrels can have their land back! Studies have shown that cars and yards are very bad for the native wildlife

  5. Oh that was another person saying the same dumb things and I confused you two. The horrible owners with their arguments tend to blend together.

  6. Recently went to a memorial for a nearly 100% outdoor cat who had a miles-wide territory and was beloved by the entire town. His visits were so great and special and random and everyone had great stories to share but you would’ve found it very odd that no one even once considered blaming the owner for his death

  7. Any idea on how i fix my snowboard boa dial so it can reattach?

  8. I let a shop replace mine in like 20 min. They had the parts on hand

  9. I'm trying to take shiftys to the medium jumps now but I'm terrified of trying it.

  10. Much better to have slight edge pressure even when doing a straight air, especially on a faster/bigger jump

  11. How do you carve at high speed in bumpy terrain without gaining unexpected airtime?

  12. Can be done, to a point. Some snow is bad for carving though..

  13. It could be amazing for spinning in the air since you can join your feet the centrifugal force would be greater... I'll patent this maneuver as "Get to the Chopper"

  14. If you wanna ski just say that😬

  15. At least LT doesn't have shut downs like SB. And they don't even take proper protocol. Look at the most recent incident with the toddler and the lift. SB, more like BS.

  16. Good one haha. BS= fewer people. Not my business 🤷🏼‍♂️ would be cool if they got better, but not a dealbreaker for me

  17. Still not gonna go somewhere that literally throws toddlers off lifts. I hope it happens to you

  18. Generous use of the word “literally” there 😂

  19. Curious what binding angles most people on this sub are riding. I’m sure many of you switch it up like me depending on what your doing but what’s your default?

  20. Pow slashing, cliff hunting and fast tight carving here, with some freestyle background. directional duck that changes a bit, ranging +18 to 24 front, -12 to -6 respectively, depending on the board. Dislike double posi because I lose too much power and stability through the tail, and I still like doing tricks

  21. Yea only rock the double posi occasionally. It’s gotta be the right day.

  22. Straight would probably be fine for that but with a large-ish foot I like to angle the drag away when I can. I’m biased and very used to it, but there’s a lot of stability to be gained with your foot angled across a larger section of the board, I do feel like it allows me to hang on better through backseat wheelies and bumps. But most stances can probably work with the right technique and enough experience

  23. Super Bowl Sunday 2021 iirc? The legendary day that car caught on fire 🙌

  24. Nah, they had to evac the Griz chair 3/7/23 and somehow kept it out of the news just like this incident.

  25. Tuesday in March? they were closed that day

  26. This is just a rant... was in the clouds yesterday after landing my first 3. Guess I forgot to lock my car when I got home and someone ransacked it overnight :(

  27. That outerwear value might not quite amount to the deductible but as a good future precaution, renters (or HO) insurance has been amazing for me when it comes to gear theft from my vehicle and property.

  28. I've also heard the term side country. Similar to back country, but accessible via resort lifts - at least on the way up, you may end up on the side of a road by the time you get to the bottom.

  29. If you’re lucky. My mountain’s “sidecountry” can land you in legit wilderness with no way out. Climbing skins and a plan are requisite

  30. Suitcase if you’re reaching over the base of your board. It’s kind of a joke trick. Taipan if you’re reaching thru your legs across the topsheet

  31. Anyone has Burton Straight Chuter? How is it in pow? How about carving? How would you rate its flex? Thanks!

  32. I have the split. Awesome in pow, seems like it’d be decent carving but not many opportunities for me to test that…. Personally I like my carve boards a little wider. Pow 9/10, carving 7/10, flex 7-8/10

  33. Can be lots of things. Stiffer, more cushion, tailored arch support, changes in volume/fit. Superfeet, remind, shred soles are a few brands you could try

  34. it’s actually not. he skis away out of frame at the end

  35. And that’s power of editing

  36. Don’t you have a buried ski to look for somewhere? Someone hit you from behind and you’re mad at the person you can actually see lol everyone involved in this story sounds like a dumbass tbh but hey that’s resort skiing. Jerry central

  37. Still too much waist and back. You’re super hunched, reaching for the snow prematurely. Stand up, and the snow will come to you when your turns get deep enough. Contrary to popular belief, carving isn’t defined by the hand drag

  38. What’s the difference between a tourist method and a regular method? Is it the tweak?

  39. Should your dominant foot be forward? I’m fully right foot dominant and all those “tests” on the internet are all saying the opposite of each other and I’m just confused now.

  40. End of the day there’s no rules, goofy v regular is an independent thing like being right or left handed. however if I got to pick I’d prefer my dominant foot in the back, and luckily it is… but I’d say most goofy footers are right footed as well

  41. So I narrowed my stance to around 20” and feel like I can pop way better.

  42. Commit more to the press— could be a good thing to work on really. Or if it’s bothering you try 20.5 haha… I ride different stances on different boards but it’s all within an inch or so. Small increments are very noticeable

  43. Biggest mistake: don’t tug it toward your chest, straight arms and relax a bit.

  44. Starting to see some sales on boards. I can get the board I'm looking at right now for 30% off, but don't want to wait too long and have my size sell out. Is there a sweet spot for discount % to aim for and how much longer it might take to reach those prices?

  45. 30% is solid, I wouldn’t wait any longer if you’re into the board. In my experience you only really start to see 40 or 50% a full year after release if at all, and sizing will be very limited.

  46. Indy is 100% only a thing when turning backside.

  47. Frontside grab. Indy is specific to backside rotations.

  48. Haha even the photo on there is captioned “frontside 360 Indy”. Language is a result of usage…. Everyone says Indy who cares

  49. What's the deal with BOA? It takes me 2 minutes to tie my laces at the start of the day and then I don't touch them until the end of the day. Is the savings of 2 minutes a day really worth the risk of them breaking and your day being finished? I'm looking for new boots now and the non boa options are getting fewer each year.

  50. Been riding nearly 30 years and these days I honestly prefer Boa, but I don’t really discriminate. I’ve broken about the same number of boa ratchets as I’ve broken true laces, and it’s not many. Once every 4 years maybe, so in most cases the ratchet/lace lasts longer than the boot itself. I don’t ever stop to tighten during the day…. I put them on, walk up the lift to settle them, then give a couple extra cranks if needed and I’m good til afternoon when I leave. Right now running 3 boa k2s maybe my favorite boot yet.

  51. I think I’m probably going fast enough for a run I did for the first time.

  52. Ride to your comfort for sure, but sideslipping doesn’t make for very good pow clips is all

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