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  1. This needs to be a voting option. I feel like a lot of us started this way.

  2. "My brother shot someone last night and they just died. The family knows where my mom lives so I have to go get her so they don't retaliate."

  3. All I could think was, you just told me your brother murdered someone with the nonchalance of someone calling off with no babysitter. Writing that in the daily log was fun. Really surprised home office didn't call and ask me about it.

  4. What about tennis balls? Those are usually a dog favorite. My golden goes nuts for them.

  5. I drink this liquid iv powdered electrolyte product. Helps with hangovers too!

  6. Boiling all water before use and discarding any products prepared with unboiled water since the 18th.

  7. Covid proved that shutting down is always an option. Better to lose sales then risk getting someone sick or worse killing someone.

  8. Tea residue most likely. Just like coffee, tea stains things.

  9. I agree. But I happened to be at my parents house last night and probably drank a half gallon of water as we sit and chatted for about 3 hours.

  10. Add in electrolytes. You can drink water all day long and still be dehydrated if you aren't getting enough electrolytes. They make great powders, tablets and liquids that you can put in your water. My favorite is liquid iv. It is a powder and comes in many flavors. They have hydration, energy, and sleep. I have only used hydration but it has been amazing.

  11. I love my scrub pants. Never going back to chef pants. They are very durable but some are thinner material so you have to be careful to not spill hot shit on yourself. Dickies makes scrubs too.

  12. If I pull up to Waffle House at any time when they aren’t completely slammed, and if I don’t see at least 1 skinny cook and 1 old lady outside burning cigs then I know the food isn’t about to be good. If the people who work there have their shit together, your eggs are about to be over cooked. No normal person can work that 10pm-6am shift, and I don’t want normal people cooking my food. I want someone who has felt pain and loss to cook my food. This guy I used to work with at my first job ended up working at Waffle House on the graveyard shift, see he had gotten SHOT in the FACE so he didn’t really like working retail anymore as people commented a lot. So he worked at Waffle House, and I’ll tell y’all, that dude could fucking cook. I don’t think he even knew he could do it until he tried it. Every time you pull up, he is outside smoking a cig with Trina, the lady that works with him at night. Every time they go back inside and talk their talk and bust out orders in like 2 ministers flat. Felons and broken people are sometimes*** the best of us, just takes getting broken to figure out how you want your pieces to fit together.

  13. My golden does that with his paw all the time. He will also then lay his head on his paw like that. We call it his fancy paw.

  14. Do they get bones or chew treats? If they do it could be from the bone or treat rubbing that area repeatedly as they chew.

  15. Try putting bowls of water in different rooms. I have one in my kitchen and one on my living room. Both my dogs love the living room bowl the most. They will walk past the kitchen one to get to the living room one. So weird lol.

  16. Cook it in a large pot. I have to cook 10 pounds at a time at work and use a large stock pot.

  17. Which shot do you only have to get twice a year? Mine is monthly, and so expensive!

  18. Ugh my puggle gets weekly shots and I don't want to talk about the debt I have from paying for it. 2x a year would be heaven! Please share what your dog takes.

  19. Mine is on Cytopoint for the itching, monthly. Only other thing vet recommends is Benadryl, but she’d be knocked out all the time so haven’t tried it yet. Also allergy eye drops daily, which seem to help.

  20. Thank you. I will look into that. I don't even have a name for our medicine lol. It is just an allergy serum, once a week.

  21. I have a co worker who is completely deaf. If they were a strong cook it would not be an issue. Unfortunately they are not strong and having to help them with everything on top of taking extra time to communicate properly is very draining on everyone.

  22. I know that number because my hubby and I were playing star wars triva years ago and that question came up. He got it right! I couldn't believe it. Never played that game with him again 🤣

  23. If freezing kills them for sure then that kinda solves my worries. Does make me a little paranoid about all the raw salmon poke bowls I used to get from a sketchy sushi joint in town, though. 😭😂

  24. Sushi grade salmon is super frozen to kill the parasites. Hopefully they aren't to sketchy of a place to use salmon that is not sushi grade.

  25. Cynthia is Logan’s mom. They’re talking about Colleen Caviello the one Linda is always feuding with like with the baked ziti for the spaghetti dinner and this episode with the PTA

  26. Oh yeah! Well I had the first letter of the name right at least lol

  27. She looks young enough that she hasn't grown her adult fur yet. My boy looked like that until about 18 months. Now he is super fluff with the feathering that is common on goldens

  28. whats that thingy you're washing them with called?

  29. I just googled soap dispensing dog brush and a bunch came up. Not this exact one but similar. Good prices too.

  30. See an animal allergist if you have one near you. They are expensive but so worth it. Our old vet did nothing for our dogs allergies, he never even said it could be allergies. Once we started taking our dog to an allergist there was ridiculous improvement. You need to find out if it is a food allergy or environmental. We use dermallay shampoo and a spray because our dog is allergic to outside and the spray helps when pollen count is high. We also give our dog an allergy shot once a week. If it is a food allergy then you need to know what food to cut out of their diet. One easy thing you can change now is cut out chicken, it is in so many foods and treats that dogs can become allergic to it. Definitely get a second opinion because benadryl just treats the symptoms not the problem.

  31. What price range would u say its around? Im not the owner of her so I cant do much sadly. Is all the stuff u give ur dog prescribed from the allergist or stuff u bought? This is her first time getting something like this so it's confusing as to what caused it. We give her a lot of chicken (her kibble, treats, broth, etc) and even after her reaction we still have and she's not breaking out anymore so I dont think its that but i'll still check. And I gave her an oatmeal bath because I also didn't think the Benadryl wasn't helping much because shes still itching her paws a lot.

  32. The shampoo and spray are available on Amazon about 25 dollars each I think. The shot is prescribed and is 400 every 2 months. It is a serum made specifically for our dog based on what he is allergic to. When we took him the first time the allergy panel and other tests was 2500 dollars. The spray is dermalley but I just looked and the shampoo is miconaHex + triz. I think some else mentioned it on here. It is great!

  33. Going to use this picture to cheat when I get to the ocean! I hope it stays clear when I zoom lol

  34. Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking 😁

  35. I had that happen once from a neighboring restaurant. They had bags in the bottom and then stuffed it full of boxes. Took all that I could reach out and put it at their backdoor. Had the manager call in the morning to have their staff fish the rest out.Fucking idiots.

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