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  1. i feel like their dances were shorter when they were younger

  2. They also repeated steps/sequences a lot more when they were younger. Big chunks of their solos were the same, which would be a lot more obvious if they showed any more in the actual episode.

  3. Rachel Sage and a handful of other pretty unknown artists whose catalog they had full access to. It’s weird hearing some of the DM songs used in other media, which has happened to me a few times. They basically aren’t “real” songs, they were mostly written for the show.

  4. I doubt staffing is getting worse week by week because of monkey pox.

  5. Only one way to find out. That’s an OG cup. Get your free drink and if anyone hassles you for it, finish the drink. Don’t lose eye contact, assert your dominance

  6. Not gonna work. The drink won’t dispense without a paid-for RFID chip.

  7. That was kinda the AS7 promo it was nude & crystals

  8. Wow -- a bottle of wine and a ship excursion for being a pain? And you're proud of yourself???

  9. Yeah being nice to people usually gets more than yelling at them, especially when the people onboard had absolutely nothing to do with the flight arrangements.

  10. It's $25/person each way, regardless of how far. Had this happened when they changed departure port to a different city, but they had to honor all transfers. Of course it is low priority so you waste hours on a bus. You should be able to add or remove it anytime before your trip. For 14 people that's another $700. They absolutely cannot require you to make your own travel plans from another city, they have to provide transport and cost is fixed.

  11. Spoiler alert: This isn’t going to work. NCL won’t budge on refunding the airline portion. 14 people isn’t that large of a group in their eyes, also.

  12. This is more than several lines give (many don’t give price protection) so I’m not sure what you’re expecting.

  13. I was in a group that “auditioned” for AGT. (A casting agent contacted us and asked us to come on the show.) We were promised positive feedback the first few rounds and to last until a certain point.

  14. I think she WANTED them to, and most tried to force Mack Z, as that storyline lasted way too long. Honestly, with better marketing and production of her music/videos, Mackenzie could have been a B-list child pop star. She had camera presence and name recognition already, and that’s really all you need since everything else around pop stars of that age is manufactured.

  15. You could tell that whatever else Dallas said was cut off…I’m assuming it was positive feedback and production couldn’t have that going against their narrative that season. They did it a lot during dance competitions too when judges critiqued on stage. Made it sound awful but then she won so you know they only aired the critiques.

  16. Or they still had the ability to critique a winner. The girls who lost always got soft critique with things like “but amazing performance!”

  17. Wasn’t Jojo taking Koren classes though, not defending her but I thought that was the reason why she did that

  18. Yes she spoke some Korean during that scene and Jess said something about JoJo putting her Korean lessons to use.

  19. One part gambler's fallacy, one part sunk cost fallacy, and one part "needs therapy". I feel bad for her.

  20. I also wonder how much people deep into a few think “eh, what’s one more?” If you’re selling one kind of crap (or in this lady’s case, several kinds) and get an actual customer to buy something, you might as well say “I can also sell you mascara, dildos, and smoothies!”

  21. Are you cool with gay guys calling you Daddy?

  22. Clock the necklace. I’m sure he is ready/is already called that.

  23. Jenna in the Pam suit. Liz holding a hot dog/cheesy blaster/sabor de Soledads. Jack holding a glass of scotch. Several hat options for Frank.

  24. The parking garages at Port Canaveral have cameras everywhere, armed guards, port and local police round the clock on patrol etc etc. That is partly why they charge significantly more than other places near the port that shuttle you in. Barring crazy unforeseen circumstances, the port is the safest place to park.

  25. I mean…the port parking at another Carnival port recent had a bunch of cars broken into/parts stolen.

  26. So how many hundreds of dollars a day are we talking?

  27. So how much do you get paid and is everything included, food, drink, room etc

  28. I mean…he did bang every girl in the office that one time “as a prank.”

  29. Yeah maybe it’s weird she let him drive, but their date was surrounded by camera operators…I think that certainly adds a level of safety.

  30. In terms of dance ability maybe Jesslyn? Possibly Leslie or Christi. I think Kendall was a better performer before the show and that’s what Jill was referring to. I do think Chloe was a better dancer than Kendall but I don’t know if she was as good as Christi believed she was. Jessalyn was right about JoJos ability to perform but as a dancer her technique wasn’t as strong as the other girls

  31. I don’t think Jess ever thought JoJo was the best dancer. She thought JoJo was the most marketable dancer (she told Abby that) and the most likely to be a star.

  32. Improv challenges where they get character descriptions, time to write/rehearse, and feedback from Ru before.

  33. Christi plays such the victim here, but she clearly initiated it. She might not have made first physical contact with Leslie’s actual body, but slapping someone’s drink out of their hands counts as putting hands on someone.

  34. I agree but Leslie started it verbally by saying christi had too much to drink imo

  35. Was that so different from other things the moms have said? I forget who it was (Jill?) that said they’ve had huge screaming matches, but never gotten physical. Christi was the one who constantly yelled at Melissa for sleeping with her boss and having an affair. I think that’s much worse than calling someone a drunk.

  36. I read this before I watched the episode and specifically listened for it but didn't hear any difference in audio.

  37. It’s subtle, but it’s there. I must watch too much reality TV that my ear can just pick up things that are clearly added in post.

  38. Also how are people finishing this episode so fast Lmao I’m still halfway

  39. Cause it’s been up for an hour and a half and it’s only an hour long without commercials.

  40. I actually think lots of the CADC choreography was rather beautiful. But I’ll agree with some comments that they got some weird concepts that I’m sure were assigned by producers. Abby always talks about telling the story, and hers were usually much easier to understand. “Conspiracy” from Cathy sticks out to me. What was that dance saying? How did their weird sailor coats match that? How did the dance tell the story that Abby was conspiring with the judges? (Which is what Cathy said it was about.) That’s a hard concept to get across in a 2:30 dance by kids no matter how you choreograph it.

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