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  1. Wtf.... I hate click bait. This stuff is becoming a pain in my rear end. I'm sick of this being pushed and forced in my face everywhere I turn around

  2. Imagine judging a book by it's cover! In today's society! Impossible!

  3. People made their minds up six months ago that the show was going to be awful, lol. I've been rolling my eyes so hard and long they're stuck now. I am a huge Tolkien fan and I am beyond delighted to see Middle Earth again, and see Numenor for the first time, and explore the Southlands. The light of the Two Trees. The LotR movies were very divergent and unfaithful to the books in quite a lot of the parts, in ways that would have been heresy to Tolkien. But some gifts they gave - seeing Minas Tirith, the Argonath, the Black Gate - were joys. I don't even engage with the fandom regarding the shows because I can't take the people who are determined to piss and moan.

  4. Perpetuated by people like Brock Turner, the rapist.

  5. Post of the week. Fuck off with that pizza but they go hard with the bread sticks.

  6. Codfather is my regular. The only time I stray from Frisch's tartar sauce.

  7. I'm looking to stay in London for several months next year and would like to rent a furnished apartment. I've gotten a recommendation for Foxton's as an agency that might meet my needs, and I'm interested to hear about other experiences. I'm hesitant about Airbnb since hosts can cancel with very little notice. Thanks!

  8. Exactly. When I first realized I wasn't getting attention anymore I was kinda sad. Then I realized how freaking awesome it was to be able to go about my business however and whenever I wanted with no assholes bothering me.

  9. Being invisible is amazing. Getting old is so fucking nice.

  10. When on a first or second date with someone where I realize that I have had to do all the work of conversing, I have clammed up on purpose so they can see that it is dead. Saves having to officially tell them that it’s not working.

  11. Oh my god same. I work hard to be an interesting person to talk to and ask open ended and follow up questions. If after an hour of my conversational A game I'm not seeing results, bring the check.

  12. Hahahaha. I tend to physically do something, like drink my coffee or take a bite and chew for a while, as I look at them expectantly. Then I'll start looking around. I'm just trying to shame them into conversing and as a student of human behavior, I love to watch the results.

  13. Dude with the Hail Satan sign at today's protest: join the Discord, ask for the birb, let's start a chapter

  14. Afghan Whigs is going to be at Bogart's on (I think) September 11. Always good to see the boys in town.

  15. Back in the grandfather's day they were just trying to peep an ankle and now guys expect Brazilians and bleached assholes.

  16. Organizers need to decide if they want to maximize community engagement or if they want to let people vent their frustrations on their PA.

  17. It's probably just the Cincinnati Socialists who are at every protest, hand out their literature, etc. I am grateful, as a rule, for civilly active people, but they often put the focus on what is important to them vs. just supporting the point of the protest.


  19. Might have to try to negotiate with the private ones like a larger security deposit

  20. As someone else mentioned, landlords have to pay interest over a month's rent on a security deposit. Offering a deposit, first, and last month's rent would probably be more palatable to a landlord.

  21. It's real, but as someone who has worked for many restaurant companies, I'll be honest. Managers in this industry are SHIT. Rude and don't seem to acknowledge that we, as emplyoees, are real people too. I don't blame the people who have run away and went off to work for UPS or somewhere.

  22. I haven't worked in restaurants for a long time, but general quality of life things were impossible. Never knew what days you were gonna work. Could never get a day off (in advance, unpaid) to go on vacation. It was always "find someone to cover". If things are still that poorly run, no wonder.

  23. Good to know the city is safe from Russian artillery.

  24. All of Ukraine (and beyond) is vulnerable to airstrikes. But I hope that the de-mining process can begin in Ukraine's second-largest city and civilians can begin to pick up the pieces. I don't see any tactical reason to continue attacking Kharkiv, and if the Russians are raiding washing machines for chips perhaps their ammunition stock is depleted enough that being dicks for the sake of being dicks is no longer prurient.

  25. If someone could also find the white road stripes that tell you where the lanes are, I'd like to order quite a lot of those too.

  26. meanwhile Russia controls the east and south. Gosh, sure is weird how western Media only posts Ukraines wins and never their losses huh?

  27. This is a thread about Kharkiv so I'm talking about Kharkiv?

  28. Waiting for Western media or ISW to confirm, but it looks like the Russians have been pushed back to the border.

  29. People living in the city complaining about loud vehicles always give me a chuckle. If you don’t know street racing is has been around forever and it’s a part of car/motorcycle culture that a lot of us enjoy. It doesn’t make us bad or shady people.

  30. Do you feel that street racing in a dense urban area with a lot of pedestrians and kids is a good idea?

  31. It's getting really bad with these. The billboards need to stay on 71 halfway to Columbus where they belong.

  32. Probably my favorite “character” in that documentary. I was surprised how open he was about where and how he gets the data. I didn’t expect they will share that so openly

  33. Check out more about Bellingcat - their whole thing is looking at information that's openly available. Not that $150k worth of data is "openly available", but that was a personal expenditure for Christo. And his wife, I guess.

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