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  1. If people can't understand the simple rules of the road imagine what their personal lives look like.

  2. "that person isn't great at driving, guess that means their personal life is a mess" wtf kinda shit you on

  3. You must be one of the idiots I'm talking about. lol Faster traffic on the left. Do you get it? It's not too complicated.

  4. Trump is now the king of the dump. He wouldn't let these people come within 10 miles of Mar-a-Lago.

  5. Believing in the unbelievable makes it easy to recognize Herschel's intellect level.

  6. They're lying? It all sounded so believable. /s

  7. I'm not a meteorologist but that doesn't look good.

  8. I am a meteorologist. That is totally normal.

  9. Then I'm guessing that you study meteors instead of the weather. /s

  10. One party in this country has lost it's mind and doesn't seem to care about the effect on the country.

  11. "Never mind. Put it back the way it was."

  12. This is the Republican platform. People don't become billionaires without your lifetime labor.

  13. Donald Trump thinks everybody works specifically for him. Imagine what a spoiled ass brat he must have been as a kid.

  14. In other words, the shit she made up.

  15. A bad prostate destroys urine flow too.

  16. He was smart. Forcing them to play Yahtzee for more than 36 hours is a felony. Everyone knows that.

  17. He's a very important person in his troubled mind.

  18. A Republican who's logical and shows common sense does not last long in today's GOP.

  19. Donald Trump praying? I'll take the under on that.

  20. Religion is beyond crazy. Believing the unbelievable and then allowing the unbelievable.

  21. Maybe the brainwashing by the right wing media is starting to wear off.

  22. Is DeSantis going to handle the hurricane like he did covid by doing nothing and accusing the hurricane of trying to take away the freedom of Floridians?

  23. It seems like pretty childish kryptonite to me. Grow up.

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