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My mom's employer, United Healthcare, never called her or her emergency contacts when she suddenly stopped showing up to work. My sister found her dead a week later.

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  1. I've listened to enough crime podcasts to know she was murdered..

  2. At first, you’ll be hit with late fees while they keep adding interest to your debt. After a few months, you’ll default and that’ll tank your credit score.

  3. What if I don't have a job, would they go after my husband?

  4. Listen to the crime podcasts and then find out if they're true or not

  5. Tv---- JTT Jonathan Taylor Thomas Movies----- my sexual awakening was Devon SAWA from Casper

  6. I hate that Posh promotes the idea that everything should be wrapped up. I don't want a bunch of garbage. Send me the item I paid for and I'll be thrilled.

  7. Agreed. I don't want anything that I can't recycle.

  8. I cross list on Poshmark, Mercari, and eBay. I sell plus sized clothing and jewelry. Shoes and dresses usually sell on Poshmark because they're heavier. I sell the most on Mercari and eBay.

  9. Is it hot in your house? Mine did that once when we had a heat wave while his tile was chilling in the freezer. Try giving him some iced water bottles to lay up against

  10. Perfect! I'm definitely going to do this! Although my neighbors are going to be wondering what in the world I'm doing 😆lol

  11. That's why you have to make a sign that says "bunny fort"

  12. I don't think you can go wrong with either. I'll be the outlier and say the big one! It makes that area look bigger

  13. Jenny Taft was not the only woman presenter, she was the last one. And you are a female. Women are females. It's like getting upset over someone calling you ma'am.

  14. that’s true! I just wished they noticed she was the only woman representation before filling her role with someone else

  15. Huh? There were female reporters before her, she was the last one before they ended that position.

  16. What about blip being magnetized on the upper deck? I'd considered that hung up.

  17. Because there is a killsaw that comes out of the slot, it isn't classified as a static hazard.

  18. It's normal. I have two brothers from the same litter and every now and then I wake up to fluff on the floor. If you start noticing any bite marks or frequent fighting, then you should worry.

  19. It could also be a bacteria infection if she's had it for a few weeks. Mine had it and they weren't going away, got antibiotics, and never got it again. We always kept his mouth clean and dry, stainless steel bowls.

  20. Get on Pinterest! Add a moulding door kit, new house number plaque, new door paint, wreath, a "hello" decal on the door, a kick plate for door, planters, concrete stain.... Lowe's was my best friend when buying perennials, I'd always get ugly ones from the discount section, they come back next year!

  21. The front of my house was similar and faces west, and even though we’re in the Pacific Northwest it gets beat by the sun in the summer. We did “foundation planters” since we had a lot of foundation showing, so it was like a retaining wall to our house. We hired a landscape designer from the local nursery for $200. The design gave us plants that can survive the sun in our climate. It worked out pretty well! Except we planted right before that massive heat dome last summer. Almost lost everything!

  22. I have no clue where i’d buy Timothy hay, do you know common places that is sold, such as walmart? and so far, i have been giving her romaine lettuce i believe, not too sure. but i will keep in mind, no iceberg lettuce

  23. I buy it from great quality, inexpensive for large amounts. Also check out lennonthebun on YouTube. Also check out my profile for a picture of my rabbits area

  24. I would try to flip it so that the couch is against the window, and the TV across from there on a stand. I would leave the entry way open. Add a coat rack, aisle runner, photos, shelves.... Decide what window dressings you want. They make really cool shades nowadays, some look like artwork. First color that comes to mind is teal for your room. Teal curtains, pillows, can mix with yellow or a burnt orange... Make it you!

  25. I'm religious and don't want to risk it. Promised my husband I'd be here for him. Next week I'm trying ketamine therapy, wish me luck!

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