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  1. New wave Polly or turnaround, there’s so many great songs from incesticide

  2. June 5th. I've only ever met one other person with this birthday. Usually with these things people are born on either the 6th or 4th

  3. Based on your location in this photo… wait, were you the guy? Or next to them?

  4. So was he actually real? I thought maybe it was just a plant but from what I’ve heard from people at the other shows it sounded like that was legit just 2 random dudes having a… good(?) time

  5. Yah they were definitely real lol. They were like crazy big fans. I was chatting with them before the show started, they’ve been big fans for years. They got those tshirts custom made. I think they both were drunk and just wanted to impress Kenny and spenny lmao.

  6. No those guys were real, I was sitting right beside them the whole time lol. They were just super fans.

  7. Hey, do you happen to know if they had a merch table at the show you went to?

  8. This episode always made me want a pet lobster as a kid lol

  9. okay he’s still there! in purple now

  10. So awesome that tommy lee was the one to give him the award too!

  11. This is wicked! Would you ever sell any prints of it? Hands down would buy it so quick!

  12. Wait what? I thought it was a satirical piece? 😂

  13. Amazing! Really like it! Lmk if you ever think about selling it

  14. Good shout. I didn’t even notice the absence of chest tats.

  15. I think this is the music video that people saw him filming a month or so ago. His tattoos were covered up and he was either wearing a bald cap or had his head shaved. Could be the reason for the hair extensions.

  16. I agree that musically it will be awesome! But the name is cheesy and demonic. Demonic stuff is real we don’t need to mess with it or get close to it. It’s just a weird title

  17. Yup He’s officially gone Hollywood.. he’s done what he swore he wouldn’t

  18. This is very good for someone that just started art! If you keep at it and practice it'll just get easier and you'll see the improvement. I started teaching myself around your age too! Its a great way to express yourself! Keep up the good work!

  19. Kells will post the presale code on Twitter (and maybe other platforms that I’m not on lol)

  20. Does anyone know what time the pre-sale code will be dropped?

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