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What do we need to stop teaching the children?

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  1. A cloud of... water? Hydrochloric acid? The ghosts of the animals who worked for the Barnum & Bailey Circus?

  2. Can't defend your terrible position so you just insult me with high brow internet buzzwords. You're a peach.

  3. But everything he said was very accurate. It was a surprisingly precise breakdown of what you did.

  4. When I was in college, a very popular professor was going to teach his very last class, and an astronomical number of students signed up for it. It was a very small school, and they didn't have an auditorium even remotely large enough for the number of students who wished to take his last class (for reference, more than 50% of the entire student body signed up for this course)

  5. Oh, I'm the most confident I have been in this war. And here is why: after the Kherson offensive, winter didn't really settle in and ground didn't freeze and Ukraine came to a halt. Shortly after Bradley's and then tanks got promised. That freaked out Russia and started their current offensive. I think that was planned. It hasn't achieved anything but dead Russians and destroyed equipment. Ukraine instead digged in, suffered a lot for sure, and went training. Ukraine troops will come back not just being able to drive those new toys, but they will have a battle plan too. I'm sure that's what they are working on in Germany with their war games right now. Remember even with all the criticism of being slow, the west has delivered the right weapons at the right time. Throughout this whole conflict! I have confidence they know what they are doing. Russia knows of this offensive too. That's why rumours of another big mobilisation in January started. But they didn't do it. Why? Because they can't. They have no one coming in and are a spent force on the battlefield. Long range missiles will come next and then good fucking night Russia. Remind me in three months time how right or wrong I was...

  6. I think that this sub tends to understate Russian effectiveness. Earlier today there was a post called something like "Why do they want tanks?" I can't easily find it on mobile, but the linked video gave a pretty levelheaded breakdown that I haven't seen the likes of elsewhere in my internet bubble.

  7. I see your points. But I want to stay positive. Russia is learning. Yes. But so is Ukraine and the entire west, or do you think they will stay with same tactics no matter what. Let's see what what they can pull off in the next three months. And fuck the American right...

  8. I want to stay positive, too. Fingers crossed for the spring!

  9. Music teacher and classical singer here! There are a ton of reasons to choose kid-friendly music like nursery rhymes. First they are 99% of the time in major key or in a pentatonic scale (across cultures) And because their structure is easy to learn/repeat, one can easily memorize them. The ranges and the melodies are purposely written to be easily voiced by young singers- not too high or low, not stretching the voice too much before it’s physically able to sing big jumps. My favorite reason though is that a “so-mi” melody is featured in a lot, if not all, of children’s music- think the first notes of music in “nanana boo-boo” or “I love you, you love me” or “yankee doodle.” If you think about it the interval is everywhere. It is so cool! And the so-mi interval is the most easily repeated one for children and so we music teachers all start with it while teaching young singers.

  10. Small nitpick: Yankee Doodle doesn't have sol-mi anywhere. Maybe on the lyric "Yankee Doodle Dandy" near the end, but that's with a neighbor tone and a passing tone in between.

  11. You won't find much agreement with what you've written because it is categorically too rigid, and leads to weird logical lapses.

  12. While it is true that IEEE did not invent the term "software engineering," they have been instrumental in standardizing SWE terminology and practices, which has been invaluable to the field.

  13. You wrote, "others cannot legitimately disagree with the IEEE and the SWEBOK." (Your quote, not mine)

  14. I didn't add the word "only", I copied and pasted your text, which is still there for you to read. You can feel free to edit that at any time if you want to say something reasonable.

  15. This is what you get when you’re in a classroom teaching for too many years. Real world would kill that nonsense quickly.

  16. Meh, I mention that the weird way exists in class, and then I explain why it's usually not favored. My students don't write it, but they understand what they see when they find code examples in c online.

  17. All of mankind learning to love one another and living in harmony with the environment.

  18. Absolutely, I'm going to spend my day doing exactly this to my crocheted cow to ensure I understand them.

  19. I've only ever heard about it as the Three Pillars of OOP, and Abstraction was not one of them. But in any case, what you've written under abstraction sounds like black boxing, which is essentially encapsulation.

  20. Yep, easiest to tell a bad driver, signalling after they're already halfway into the next lane. At least the ones who dont use signals understand what they're doing.

  21. Meh, I still prefer someone to signal at SOME point. That at least lets me know that the person is at least doing something intentional and not just drifting because they are tired or drunk.

  22. Is this... even technically plagiarism?

  23. It's certainly plagiarism by the kid. The kid didn't write it. It's no different than hiring someone else to write an original essay for you.

  24. I never thought until today that this was even remotely controversial. Even the official Chinese government take on it was that the crazy amount of IP transferred to China was essentially a happy accident of how they structured their laws, and therefore voluntary, not theft. They don't even a little bit deny that it happened.

  25. Well. Chatgpt answers even those questions without complaining.

  26. But no it doesn't? I mean, it replies politely enough, but it can't correctly answer a malformed question any better than a human can.

  27. I think there is some confusion in this post between instruction level indirect addressing and the os level virtual memory abstraction.

  28. H, that makes sense. So the OS would be unaware, other than populating the table?

  29. How tf is it bedtime, nevermind half an hour past that, when it's still light out?

  30. I mean, it makes sense. They'd be the ones most frustrated by (what they perceive as) constantly poor code quality, after all.

  31. How do you actually enter into one of the royal runs? They aren't clickable, at least on mobile.

  32. You don't have to enter them. You just do them. If you have, in fact, completed the game with no monkeys, you will receive the reward and the challenge will show up as completed.

  33. Oh, I see. I won't play without the manager, so I suppose that the game and I will part ways for now. Thank you for the new content, though. I've had fun with this game now for a second time! If you update the manager, I'd definitely go for a third 😊

  34. If you had some very tiny punishment for assaulting three people, that reads to me like you got a "enact some minor punishment so that we can honor the letter of the law here, but go no further. This kid isn't really at fault and we know it."

  35. i know that, its still disrespectful to call the palestinian people "decendants" as if theyre not the same people who currently lives there

  36. What actually is the conflict?

  37. I don't think that an unbiased explanation exists at this point. The people in the conflict itself disagree about what the conflict is.

  38. Well no. A is associated with B and B is associated with A, even if a only implies b.

  39. There is no definition of "associated" within a scientific context but which this statement can be correct. Maybe if we take associated to mean this is linked in your head, simply by association. In that case, the statement can be reasonable, but also in that case, no one else cares. There's what's in your head. Associated in the scientific context means statistically, and in that context your statement is definitely untrue.

  40. What is the difference between a correlation and association in a scientific context

  41. Correlation is a type of association. Correlation is a linear relationship, while association is any discernable mathematical relationship.

  42. Never park too close to the stop sign, things like this will happen. Not to mention it’s illegal in a lot of places, but not sure about NYC

  43. It's allowed in NYC, and trucks of that size are not allowed on the small side streets essentially for this reason.

  44. I run a podcast, and a former police Sergeant said “99% of cops are lazy and stupid.” Sooo seems like this is a recurring sentiment within rank.

  45. In fairness, I think this is true of most fields. Plenty of people think that their colleagues are almost all insufferable idiots, no matter what field they work in.

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