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  1. Ive been on 10mg of trintellix and i have had literally 0 side effects. Legitimately none. I was mentally bracing myself for all the horrible side effects I have been reading about. I had also stopped zoloft cold turkey as well before getting on trintellix so i expected to feel like I got hit by a bus. Luckily didnt happen.

  2. Its so odd cuz Davide reposted her story and on his story she is verified, but when I go to her profile theres no blue check.

  3. How did you feel at the beginning of taking trintellix? I’m on my 5th day.

  4. Honestly? Nothing. I actually dont even remember if I had any side effects. I was waiting for the nausea which seems to be a major side effect from what ive seen on this sub but i didnt even get that. I stopped zoloft cold turkey (which probably wasnt a good idea) and went straight into 5mg of trintellix and i felt fine

  5. Wow! Good for you! I’ve also stopped taking sertraline cold turkey (50mg) and went straight to trintellix but 10mg, I’m just on my 6th day, feeling like crap but mostly from morning anxiety.

  6. That may be expected for stopping Sertraline cold turkey. But i hope your anxiety lessens as time goes on :( What time of the day do you take your trintellix?

  7. I was on 3 diff meds before my insurance covered it. My insurance first denied it when it was put through so my docs office reached out to my insurance, next thing i knew it got approved for coverage.

  8. Hangin out on the beach in long beach. The waves most definitely wrecked me but no regrets here 😅

  9. I commented agreeing with someone elses comment on how hes clout chasing 😭 next thing i know im blocked- explains why his ig isnt blown up with comments on how he needs fuck off since this man is blocking & deleting everyone LMAO

  10. All i have ever brought to clinical was my own penlight and stethoscope. U can buy a cheap case for your stethoscope and put ur penlight in it. Otherwise the hospitals have the rest of the supplies you may need. You will most likely have orientation before your clinical and you will be given all the info you need for your first day. Dont sweat it honestly. You do however probably need your own BP cuff since they will have you practice taking manual BPs. Probably not in the hospital but if your program has lab to practice then yeah.

  11. He’s been hittin different these last few episodes😭

  12. I just started taking trintellix its been a week and I noticed that I get nauseous before bed its so weird although I take it at around 12pm after I have eaten something. Then my appetite diminishes around 5pm and I forget to eat dinner. Its odd

  13. Nah im getting really emotional just watching her break down like this. Being a turkish woman myself, I feel this connection to her. My heart breaks watching her get ganged up on and yelled at by Davide every damn episode. My heart hurts for every woman on Love Island right now cuz this season feels so toxic.

  14. Does it sound like a foreigner speaking the language or more like it’s too “neutral” and lacks a regional accent?

  15. Disclaimer : I have only listened to her speaking turkish in the turkish drama she acted in. But its like in one line her accent kind of sounds regional but then her next line sounds more foreign and she lets it slip. This is only if you’re really paying attention. Gotta give her credit though since she was born in the UK! Most ppl born outside of Turkey end up with more noticeable accents.

  16. She's got some clips of speaking with Turkish people at Turkish events on her instagram highlights, sounds pretty native when I listened.

  17. Have you tried looking for a therapist who specifically specializes in trich? Check out

  18. This is incredible omg thank you so much!!! I was not aware there were so many in my area :’)

  19. Hi I’m sorry to hear how this has been affecting you, have you received any therapy alongside medication? I used to work primarily with self harm which included clients with trichotillomania, this was 10 years ago so I’m a bit rusty but I did treat people successfully with therapy. It usually takes a paired approach of psychotherapy to explore the underlying cause, with behavioural therapy/ CBT to help you manage and reduce the unwanted behaviour. The neural pathways have been formed and the behaviour is often automatic, when the impulse occurs we start to replace the behaviour with something else, with repetition this will become more automatic. It’s important to choose a healthy replacement. Daily mindfulness meditation can also help as it reduces the stress hormones in the body and can help you be more present and aware. You could also explore grounding techniques, and fidget and sensory items. Wishing you all the best!

  20. Yeah, I have been through two psychiatrists (NP mentioned above being one of them) & i recently dropped my therapist for various reasons. He did not seem to really focus on my trich. It felt like he just overlooked it, when it technically was one of the main reasons I came into therapy. I will definitely look into a new therapist but Im not sure if I should pick one based on their specific specialties. Should I look into therapists that use CBT/behavioral therapy approaches? If so Ill do that ASAP.

  21. I personally would not go as far as to reporting them. But I expect my primary care doctor to make comments on my weight instead of my therapist. So yeah it left me a little shocked, especially after discussing my issues with body image. I never expected to be encouraged to lose more than my goal. Thats why I was wondering if I was being dramatic but I feel like maybe Im not.

  22. You’re right, my own intuition can tell me what to do. I mean judging that I ran to reddit for this it already seems like I just need to leave this therapist. Thank you for your advice!

  23. You are the GOAT for that sign. Seriously made my night!

  24. Almost happened on Saturday too, hopefully it gets cleaned up asap!

  25. It literally got cleaned up the second kevin stepped on stage😭

  26. This is the sweetest idea :’) thank you thank you thank you

  27. Same, I play on switch and cant see the boat but when I switch to playing on my phone the boat is there. Probably a switch bug. Pretty upsetting since I play predominantly on switch..i didnt know the boat was ever there until yesterday:’)

  28. Thats odd, i am able to use my switch account on mobile and vice versa. Unless you mean linking your mobile account to switch, then I am sorry :( but Welcome Back! I started playing two weeks ago, downloaded on my switch and its been such an amazing experience.

  29. from all that i've read, it seems you can't link an existing switch account to mobile? you have to make a mobile account first, then make a switch account. but absolutely correct me if im wrong — the wording gets confusing for sure, lmao.

  30. Well I didnt have an account on mobile before I downloaded the game on switch. In the opening menu you can choose to login with your Nintendo account and it transferred all of my stuff onto mobile. I can play the game on both devices with the same account so it should be doable!

  31. None of my friends like my messages :’) now it makes sense haha hahaha

  32. I get awk when ppl warp to me cuz honestly idk what to do cuz they just hang around me and im there like 🧍🏻‍♀️, I also get hella awk when ppl drag me to find candles like although they are being SO SWEET i feel like a bUrdEN 😭 IDK WHY

  33. Trueee lol it's hard esp when you don't have chat open/can't communicate with them lol. I usually just spam emote and then run away in this scenario

  34. I think thats what im gonna start doing, aggressively abuse the bow emote then disappear 🥲

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