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[Postgame Thread] Florida State Defeats Florida 45-38

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  1. There is nothing wrong with manifesting the how. Cynthia Stafford wanted her $112 million in order to pay for what she wanted intead of going about some other means to attain them. You can manifest anything even if it is for some morive instead of the end. What matters most is your focus and your mood.

  2. all goes back to assumption. She assumed she would win the 112 specifically and it happened.

  3. Manifesting money out of thin air? Like money literarily showing up in your bank account without an inkling of how it got there.

  4. I mean who cares what method? Just pick one and say that was it! I mean you can’t be wrong lol. Whatever you assume was the “method” is the method!

  5. Wow. I haven’t posted or commented in here in a very long time, but you are one of the first posters I’ve seen here in ages that truly, truly gets it. You have explained this, in my opinion, so effectively. And the way you addressed the BTS fans question above- that is exactly how I understand how all of this works. Brilliant post. Excellent reminder. This post should be pinned. I sometimes get caught back up in “the dream” as it were. I’ll come back to re-read this often, and anyone struggling should too.

  6. I agree, Edward was actually the one who explained it perfectly to me. Been in the realm for YEARS and never had the AHA! moment until him. I love Neville, but Edward has such a perfect modern understanding I always recommend him, dare I say even before the source material

  7. I want to believe you so bad since I've seen you mention this many times in few diff subs but I just can't. Every time I find some appearance "success" story I decide to check up on OP from time to time and always find them contradicting themselves and I was afraid I would catch you doing the same and I did.

  8. I mean you can dm me lol, I have picture proof

  9. hey man, i believe in your history, is it possible to get your picture proofs too ? just for a motivation because you got a great increase for your age and i'm manifesting too.

  10. Ya bro of course! DM me and I’ll send it! Happy to motivate

  11. You're not really engaged based on what you've said and maybe more focused on yourself than what's occurring in the present?

  12. Agree 100%. I always thought I was just quiet but after practicing charisma realized I just never actively listened. It’s what I tell men who say they go blank when talking to women. No dude, your not quiet, your just not even listening to the girl!

  13. Well FSU won 29 in a row before Oregon, but idk if that’s it?

  14. It's 29 in a 2 season span, it's a heavily manipulated stat but it's Clemson 2018 and 2019

  15. Fair enough, I couldn’t remember and I was unsure if it was FSU or not haha. Hopefully our rivalry gets better over the next few years 👌🏽

  16. To be fair, I think everyone was getting wiped out by that LSU team. Still the greatest college offense I can think of, right up there (and probably, in my opinion ahead of) the early 00’s Miami team and mid 90’s Nebraska team.

  17. 13 Noles were the greatest offense of all time until LSU :) Everyone forgets how dominant that team was

  18. Hey I'm in the process of manifesting my height as well but how do u assume? Like do u assume that your height of 6'0 is 6'2. I'm 5'2 manifesting 5'8 but I'm just confused on how to believe and assume. Shld i believe and assume that my height of 5'2 is 5'8 like whenever I affirm that I'm 5'8 i get a scary thought that wat if my mind gets convinced that I consider my height of 5'2 to be 5'8 and I don't grow tall. I hope you're getting wat I'm tryna say. So pls cud u help me with how u assumed and believed

  19. I think your issue is two things: One, you have too much importance on it (which I totally get, it’s hard to not place importance). Two, you are overthinking. See when I assumed, in my mind I saw myself or POV as taller for just a few minutes and also said “I assume myself to be taller”. That was it.

  20. Yup even i thought of starting with 5'4 but then a thought came in me like I shldnt give up on directly going to 5'8, but ig now I'm gonna go for 5'4 first. So all i gotta do is assume that my current height is already 5'4 right

  21. Yep! And don’t take what I’m saying to mean don’t try for 5’8! Of course you can do it! I’m just saying it’s gonna be easier for you to make 2 inches easier than 5’8. But yes, assume yourself taller and maybe visualize a few times your POV is taller as well! Keep me updated

  22. Nope. I always had confidence when it came to women. Easy come, easy go I figure. When I met my wife, there were men at her like flies on dead meat. They were literally standing in line waiting to get their word in. I only made eye contact with her and went about my business. It was at a bar. She was with a friend that I went to high school with. When she basically shut all the guys down, I introduced myself, laughed and talked with her. No game, just convo. Asked her to dance with me on a slow song when she revealed she was on a sprained ankle. I told her she could lean on me. We walked to the floor in the presence of all those guys, limping. I gave it no thought how could I get her or if I could. I let it happen. There are no mistakes, coincidences in God's Kingdom. We've known each other for 7 years(March '16) and been married for 2+ years.

  23. Very sweet! An experience you’ll never forget! Using the law, did you just assume you were in a wonderful relationship?

  24. Actually, no. My confidence with women I noticed was always when I wasn't giving it any thought. Being my usual fun self attracts many different people into my experience. I had my times when I was lonely, unwanted. Be yourself. Not in a nice needy sense, but in a fun, not giving a fuck about her, him, or them way. Have the fun you want being in a great relationship with yourself. Everyone is you pushed out. Love yourself first and then you can love others. No one is under obligation to love you. For things to go well in your Kingdom, you must love others as yourself. Give love and you get love back in return.

  25. Much appreciated! I’ve personally never had trouble getting any girls, but my issue has been finding one I truly feel connected with! I’m living my life as if I’m already in my perfect relationship and just riding the wave of knowing :))

  26. Reality Transurfing to me was the best book I’ve read besides Neville (and IMO helped me more). I find Edward Art Supply Hands the best source in translating Neville IMO. Neville made sense but Edward said it in a way that gave me the eureka moment :)

  27. love this!! I have a question about the part where you say to remind ourselves we don’t need to see the results in the 3d bc we already felt it in the 4d.

  28. I think of reality as a game that lags behind. You press a button in the 4D (mind) and it takes 3D time to actually work. The stronger your assumption, the faster it comes.

  29. LSU had a very successful season, when taking the macro consideration. And the game with FSU next year should be pretty awesome.

  30. Both teams win their bowl game, we’re looking at a top 15 matchup game one!

  31. Noooo :( I wanted FSU vs South Carolina in the gator bowl, I would've bought tickets immediately

  32. On the bright side, this almost guarantees us 10 wins for the first time in what feels like eternity :))

  33. Trying to understand how a 9-3 #13 ranked FSU is playing an unranked 6-6 OU team? I guess name is the main factor but still?

  34. Same way that a 9-3 #14 ranked Oregon State is playing an unranked 6-6 UF team. If ESPN televises all but three bowls and owns many of them, they should be more flexible about creating quality matchups.

  35. I get it, but honestly on the bright side we have a high chance to finish 10-3 and in the top 10 if things play out right! FSU prominent again after 5 dark years

  36. Preach!! A year ago, I barely had a couple thousand saved up. This month life + other “treat myself” things came up and I spent ~10k. How did I feel? Barely phased. Looking at my bank account I was like “oh shit” but then realized that honestly, I’ll make that back extremely easily since money comes and goes like water

  37. Other teams lose inexplicably all the time, Clemsoning isn’t a real thing.

  38. I feel like that FSU - Clemson 2013 was a classic example of Clemsoning. Wasn’t till 2015 it died off

  39. I don’t think anyone can argue otherwise, but how many more championships does FSU get if there was a playoff…. They would have been in the CFP 14 years in a row

  40. Florida State finished no worse than 4th in the polls over that run, in a more competitive era; guessing Saban won't match that (seasons were also 2 to 3 games shorter back then), but Bama's already won like 3 times the national championships FSU managed in their run (they probably would have benefited from a playoff, as Bama has, but thems the breaks)

  41. Agreed, the insanity of thinking that if there was a playoff then, FSU would have been in the CFP EVERY YEAR! Insane, and it makes you think Bowden would have had more championships in that 14 year stretch.

  42. I could see why they called pi honestly on the 4th. Sure it was little, but contact. is still contact.

  43. My point is that it should be established all game, not on a critical game clinching 4th down. Little PI shouldn’t be called on that

  44. Ya we dogshit. Idk where your going with that

  45. 4 years* we got robbed of beating yall by 70 in 2020 because of COVID 😔

  46. Wanna talk about the 5 year span from 2013-2017? And last I checked it was 3 years unless we’re making up games now? Are we at that level of copium?

  47. Love my tiger bros. Go win the SEC 🙏

  48. Finally a comment I can resonate with. Whenever I try doing any technique I feel like I am faking something. If my assumptions are all that is needed why should I spend time working for it. I just tell myself that I am the best he can ever have and he will return whenever he comes to my mind and let it go.

  49. 100%! We make it so much harder than it needs to be!

  50. Thats crazy! I’ve been saying the same thing to myself!! It’s like a hack lol. I say whatever I assume to be true is true and made it my dominant assumption so now whatever I say needs to be true.

  51. Yep!! Then your golden! Once people realize nothing outside of their assumption is needed, they get what they want

  52. I believe this to be the law of assumption. Most people start off their manifestation journey with LOA but in time, you’ll find that a combination of the two Laws works miracles. I’d even go as far as suggesting that Law of Assumption is more powerful and has more instant results. Law of Attraction (depending on the specifics of what you’re manifesting, can take a lengthy amount of time for results to materialise).

  53. It is more powerful. I’ve been in the realm for almost 4 years now and after NEVER succeeding with the LoA, I switched to LoAssumption and have had much success over the last half year.

  54. Love how teams are so afraid to give up the unlikely huge play, but End up always giving up several 10-15 yard plays instead allowing a field goal. Every. Single. Time

  55. I meant manifesting an specific person? I texted him like five times, no point in texting him again now

  56. Your mistake it placing WAY too much importance on it. Read/listen to Reality transurfing. Will answer every question you have

  57. Not emotions, feelings. You must feel what you want already in your life. Search up Neville goddard, law of assumption. This is the key

  58. Agreed 100%. LoA never worked for me, but now using (and mastering IMO) the Law of assumption, I’ve pretty much manifested everything I Am.

  59. Life is a mirror, reflecting back to you what you assume yourself to be. I was caught up with LoA for years believing “the universe will give it to me!!” It never ever worked. What worked for me was the Law of Assumption. I simply assumed myself to be someone who had so much money I didn’t know what to do with it.

  60. If you don’t mind me asking. How long did it take you to have results and do you just tell yourself every day like “I’m super rich”

  61. The journey has been about 3 years in the manifesting world, but I would say it didn’t “click” until about 10 months ago. Edward Art Supply Hands videos on YouTube made EVERYTHING I learned finally click.

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