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  1. I go parge stints with little to no is not uncommon for me to go a week without eggs...but then sometimes I eat them daily. I often use eggs just to bolster my protein. I can accomplish the sane with collagen or nuts

  2. There is nothing concrete that I've found...and I've looked a bit as I'm interested...but it is largely believed that the threshold for effectively processing protein and getting the most out of it is 50 to 70 grams in a meal. I say that as a generally omad eater. It would be nice to see a wider study on it.

  3. I do something similar. Tbs of basil seeds they need about a minute of soaking to absorb the water. 1 tbs of heavy cream or mascarpone, 1 tsp unsweetend cocoa powder.

  4. I've never tried basil seeds. Interesting. Are they easy to find? Should one treat them like don't overdo it

  5. What do people say- moderation is key! I would never only drink it with water. Coffee or cook with it. The way you did was almost ‘straight up’… boom!

  6. Yeah...a spoon of any oil may play havoc...especially if not used to it

  7. My dad had woes with the pills...and the powder worked well for him. Generally does tye Lemmon one with a squeeze of Lemmon

  8. Don't ser the hammock up there

  9. I sometimes mix berries into breakfast. It's rather refreshing

  10. Ground beef plus whatever veggies are on sale

  11. There a lot of solid evidence linking red meat to the stimulation of mtor receptors, increasing inflammation, affecting metabolism, and shortening lifespan. Drugs that block the pathway stimulated by red meat increase longevity in animal studies.

  12. Interesting. I'll have to dig into that

  13. Thus is a slashed up mouth waiting to happen

  14. I mean...I can kinda get behind / understand the cooking part... sushi is not for everyone, and it would be fine cooked...but the bread is hilarious

  15. I do similar. I add collagen to the meat sometimes...thickens things up.

  16. I did, I had a period of about 4-5 days where I ran out of protein powder and it wasn't pretty

  17. So...cravings are not killed..they are fed

  18. To each their own...I personally refuse to drink my carbs

  19. 1 cup of water is half a pound...Basically.

  20. Something like a bottle per weekend, 2-3 glasses on Friday and Saturday. I have picked wines that have only 2-3 g sugar per liter. That is still carbs I know :(

  21. 2 to 3 pee liter or glass? That seems rather low. Even really dry I would expect at least .3 per oz

  22. Yes per liter, I have hunted down the driest ones :) I'm from Finland and we have a state alcohol monopoly here, and they have all the info always showing on all products so it makes it easy to pick the driest, for example this is a bottle I bought

  23. Perhaps I'm missing something...I see 3g/l sugar...nothing on carbs.

  24. Is just not eating it a consideration? I mean...keto or not, sounds like you want to avoid it

  25. Man...if your teen doesn't know those basic things...time for a new teacher....yeah, you need fired. Wow

  26. They had a long of 53 and 52 i believe, and the most a made kicks in the cfl for 2022 from 50 plus was 5 this year. Compared to the NFL the most right now is already 7. Half the time its a 50 yard kick attempt teams don't even bother unless its for a game winner or right before half. There's a reason they're kicking in the cfl and not the nfl is all I'm saying.

  27. It's almost like the threat of returns is a factor in kicking or not

  28. Idk why people are bringing up Jan/Feb as starting months lol. The NFL goes into February...they could start on the last weekend of April so the Grey Cup gets played the week before NFL regular season starts but then they'd be competing with NHL playoffs that run from mid April to mid June. They could shorten the CFL season but that's a tough sell to the fans. Would be tough to convince fans to go from 18 games to say 14 or even 12. Season and career records would likely never be broken again. If the CFL wants to grow their game beyond the border they may need to adopt more NFL style rules but that would piss off the Canadian fans, the ones that actually pay to attend games, and the CFL relies heavily on gate revenue. I've often wondered what would happen if the CFL, XFL, and USFL combined leagues to make one giant North American pro league. I honestly think it could work, but I think the CFL would have to eliminate things like 3 down football, and the bigger fields.

  29. They'd also need a mid season rookies would be available

  30. "Yes! If you come and grab it, you can drop it off at your place!"

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