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[Giveaway] Made those two LED Neon Jolly Rogers of Trafalgar Law that i wanted to give away to you, may it bright up your day, comment to enter, and I will pick the winners in 24 hours from now. Good luck, you will need it, enjoy & Blessings <3

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  1. I mean speak for yourself. Waters wrote most of the lyrics, and was a terrific bassist. Gilmour is definitely a more talented instrumentalist and singer but Waters is leagues ahead in songwriting, and Pink Floyd is one of the few bands ever to have equally incredible lyrics AND music. You can prefer Gilmour but let’s not rewrite history here, Waters was the creative leader after Barret left.

  2. sfx says:

    Removed for breaking rule #1 and #7.

  3. Stop giving this attention please. It’s an interesting idea, but so poorly executed by the “artist”

  4. Damn, when’s the last time y’all had any kind of inspection?

  5. Picturing them literally walking into each other on the street, Freddie Mercury loudly getting flustered, “eedabababop mmbabop bellhop—PEOPLE ON STREETS”

  6. Any not every photo op takes place in your kitchen. This gadget is trying to solve a problem that does not really exist.

  7. This is free market capitalism, since when do gadgets need to solve problems? Seems like just a unique new nostalgia bait, not much different from using a Polaroid camera.

  8. His entire cabinet is establishment LARGE AS YOU CAN POSSIBLY MAKE IT government.

  9. The cabinet also doesn’t control the country. But voters in many districts have elected representatives who are working toward small government. That’s why we’ve struggled to reach a broad consensus on anything related to government spending.

  10. The problem is, the containers with the lid upwards had it at the bottom of the cup, meaning as far away from the lid as possible. This coagulation happens on whichever side of the cup is on the bottom regardless of the lid.

  11. Not sure why you were downvoted… I know this is 2 years too late, but just wanted to say that this just happened with my Mott’s purchase as well. It’s a 6-pack, with the top 3 cups inverted. Those top 3 have this gunk around the lid, but the other 3 have it at the bottom of the cup. As you said, it depends which side was down.

  12. Why does the headline always have to be about him crying? He’s a person, people display their emotions ffs

  13. Dude had a driver, so it’s not like he was abandoning his car for the day. Then he decided to post it on ig like a workout selfie? Don’t upvote this narcissist.

  14. Axios’s Jonathan Swan is pretty relentless as well. Everyone knows

  15. Center store roles include stocking, management, file maintenance (tags) or ordering (frozen, dairy, wine/liquor). Anything relating to center store merchandise.

  16. Interesting, never seen that right wing propaganda site before.

  17. You got a source that can disprove the claims made?

  18. Nope, just alerting unsuspecting readers to strong bias

  19. at the end of the day, I am totally happy that I can't relate to opioid addiction. I don't want to relate.

  20. Right, similar to how everyone should just practice abstinence until they can adequately support a child. And if you’re overweight, just exercise and eat healthier. Poor? Guess you’re not working hard enough! All these downtrodden souls have simply made consecutive poor life choices, and they lack the ambition to escape their circumstances!

  21. I do. It is the only drug/experience that has scared the absolute shit out of me — and still does — on like, the deepest and most primal levels possible. I've done it many times, and plan to do it more in the future. But it gives me anxiety just thinking about blasting off, and it absolutely will fuck you up in ways you didn't know possible if you decide to play with the stuff and treat it with disrespect.

  22. That sounds more like my experience with salvia. I had used DMT several times before and never had anything but intensely positive, colorful experiences. Salvia was very similar, but the visuals and experience were much darker and kinda grotesque. Like DMT without the happy filter.

  23. Right-wing propaganda, downvote this bs and anything else you see from

  24. My fav character for years, would love to rep this crew on my wall

  25. Why does this link to a different reddit post with the real link?

  26. Is this the one that the guy was making solo on his Xbox?

  27. Agreed, but a sentient mosquito on my arm is still going to get smacked.

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