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  1. Since this is a gravesite, please see here for the names of the deceased (from Wikipedia):

  2. Fuck you think? I thought it was fucked... but I tend to let things go. Just more of that adoption trauma 😂

  3. For real - just threaten it, it will get her off your back at least! Sorry you’re going through this and many congratulations on your growing family!

  4. Not the only birding enthusiast here, so maybe I should check it out! I study biomimicry so nature journaling is often part of the assignment, so recently sitting still in nature feel more like homework than play! :P

  5. You should read the book “How to do nothing.” A lot of beautiful thoughts on birding and how it intersects with simple living

  6. I’m new to town, so pardon my ignorance. Who can we call to try to put pressure on to nix this thing?

  7. It sometimes feels impossible. The incessant crying is maddening! Our smaller twin had Covid two weeks ago and then last week he gets RSV and two ear infections. His brother has had none of it (thankfully). I don’t understand that but it’s extremely challenging. Stay strong, one hour at a time. The only silver lining is the little guy is SO cuddly, so I’m loving that!

  8. Wow, that’s impressive you were able to isolate all of that to one twin (and theoretically not get it yourself)! We were immediately like, there’s no way so let’s all just not worry about sharing germs and go through it together. It’s so much! And they don’t know yet how to blow their noses or cough on command so they are totally miserable. I’m gritting my teeth for the winter and hoping spring/summer provides some respite…

  9. I don’t know how we are going to survive. In addition to all the little sniffles and resulting ear infections, our older toddler brought home hand foot and mouth from daycare at the beginning of October. She was out of daycare all week and gave it to our (then 5 month old) twins. She went back to daycare for a week and brought home RSV. She missed two weeks of daycare I think. Ended up in the hospital. Then one baby got admitted to the hospital. They all got better. I decided to put all the kids in daycare before I lose my mind (up until now I’ve been working while my mom watches the babies part time and I switch off with my husband the rest of the time). The babies were in daycare a single week. Now toddler and one baby have the flu. I have had a sore throat for like 3 weeks. My husband too. He literally got an ear infection from all these sicknesses. Last night I was up half the night with a feverish, stuffy nosed baby. I’m waiting for it to hit the second twin. And maybe us. Who knows at this point.

  10. That’s so brutal. I dont even know why we pay for daycare - every kid in there is hacking up a lung or sniffling and I’m like, is this just the place people drop their sick kids for 72 hours before we all start the cycle over again? It’s unreal. Meanwhile, the daycare takes all of my salary regardless

  11. I am here to tell you that all sides of my families that I share thanksgiving with utilize crock pots to their full glory. They make cheesy potatoes, chili and cheese dipping sauce, hot spinach and cream cheese dips, lil smokies and either bbq sauce or grape jelly, chili, soups, gravy… it’s all over the place.

  12. Am I the only one thinking 25 dollars per person is not even doable this year? Maybe it is just my place but that would amount to 300 dollars more than I am spending on my kids and husband...

  13. Agreed. I’m going to do some bargain hunting for nice looking candles and go this route. I cant afford much, mostly because….. daycare! The circle of liiiife

  14. Ours are 7 months and we’re staying home. We have my folks a few hours away so under the guise of fairness, we’re spending xmas together as a family and will do xmas eve at the in-laws and the 26th at my parents (or vice-versa). My kids are not used to the chaos of family gatherings and I get overwhelmed as a fully grown adult and can’t imagine how shot their nerves will get so we’re staying put.

  15. I leave the skins in the mashed potatoes. Adds nutritional value.

  16. I’ve never understood the need to peel potatoes and was just wondering why we do it anyway

  17. Bob’s just a weird guy. Went full Kermit on it and never went back

  18. Oh dear. Can you hire any help? A night nurse/night doula? Can your parents or in-laws come over for some evenings or for a few weeks even? I’d pre-make a bunch of frozen meals if you can or ask friends too and order some, too. Get easy and healthy snacks like mandarin oranges around. Get paper plates for yourself so you dont have to do dishes. Dr Browns formula mixer is very useful if you’re going the formula route (which, why not at this point, so you dont have to pump so much). I would just say outsource as much labor as you can and make it as easy on yourself as you can. And, it’s insane that your husband is leaving for work right now. You dont even know if it’s 4 or 6 weeks! I’m guessing that’s military stuff and he can’t control it but goddamn I’m furious for you.

  19. I giggled to myself imagining me being in my 60s whooshing into my 30 YOs face until i almost pass out.

  20. Like a toddler, I too am usually calmed by a snack or gentle redirection

  21. Even if you can’t afford it, hire a night nanny for a few nights or have your parents/in-laws stay over to do night feedings. My husband and I would use my parent’s generous help to trade on and off night feedings and who got to sleep in. It was small but it felt monumental to sleep for 3-4 hours at once.

  22. Welcome to the 2-for-1 club! Very happy for you, fellow dad.

  23. “We are allowed to have differences of opinion. Conflict is not abuse.” Or, “I’ll take that into consideration” - then do what you were going to do anyway.

  24. I’d do this too if I didn’t eat them by the fistful within the first 24 hours of purchasing them

  25. Thank you for your response! The biggest item I’m worried about is a 4’x4’ arts and crafts project meant to be hung on a wall. It was a gift she made for us for our wedding. It has a lot of symbolism from her “spirituality” (she’s not religious but the woman loves her crystals, kinda thing). If it were a knick knack or two I’d stash it in a drawer and do as you suggest but this and a few other things are, like….. statement pieces.

  26. Honestly, get a whole extra pump. Leave one at work. Do you work in more than one location (hospital and clinic)? Get one for each site. Get 3+ sets of pump parts and enough bottles to get you through two full days of feeds for your babies. It’s a lot of stuff, but I think worth it to not be so pressed to every single day.

  27. Yes. I’m a twin mom and in awe of OP, first of all. Second of all, dragging a pump to and from work was the bane of my existence. It’s a big part if why I weaned. Two pumps would make things so much easier

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