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  1. Her image is at an all time low so wouldn't be surprised to see her renew her relationship with Thomas Markle...with plenty of press present. And then she'll milk that for all its worth. She also has the kids to bring out and quite honestly surprised she hasn't done that already.

  2. Beatrice look better than I've ever seen her - she's really upped her fashion game and long overdue. Good for her. Thought it interesting that Ivanka Trump and husband were there but no invites for Harry and Meghan? Oh no! Even Jill Biden looked lovely. The Meghan squad out in forces iwth nasty comments but not having much success.

  3. From a PR perspective, it hits all the right notes for all the right people.

  4. Spot on. Harry is a grown man, an adult. He's also married. So whatever happens, he's made his choices and he and his spouse will have to muddle through. But if he divorces and returns to the fold, the onus, from a perception standpoint, could easily refer back to the RF.

  5. I fully believe Meghan would much,much rather be harry's widow than his ex.

  6. Agreed. She could play that to the hilt - Jackiesque style.

  7. Mirror's article on this titled "Harry and Meghan 'to change their ways and embark on new life after realisation' but NO COMMENTS allowed. What the Mirror allows however are comments on all the William and Catherine articles so that the squad can attack Catherine. Guess Mirror is scared of Harry and his lawsuits.

  8. Daily Mail having some decent coverage of this. Even Beatrice looks good. Supposedly, according to Mail, Catherine had her dress altered to remove the sheer panels. This reminded me of the see-thru blue dress Meghan wore on the royal trip to New Zealand when she embarrassed the entire RF, the UK and people looking like a tart. Catherine however never puts a foot wrong.

  9. Netflix has been Markled. The Sussexes allegedly signed a five-year, $100 million contract with Netflix in September 2020 to produce documentaries, docuseries, feature films, scripted shows and children's programming. So we don't really know what the terms were - if they were paid per production, per year, what??? But this is only 2023 so 2 years left on that contract. Wish someone, other than the Sun, could provide more info.

  10. BRAVO!!! Best pix of the year. A picture worth a 1,000 true.

  11. Clickbait. DM looks like idiots with these two articles. There can't be many in this world who release a statement to announce they've got nothing to say.

  12. I just went to the Daily Mail and there are comments enabled on all the stories about them. Someone is telling porkies here.

  13. Almost ALL the articles on the DM now, even if they allow comments, have a limited number of comments, sometimes just 2 or 3, I assume that they are saving money on the moderator’s salaries! Sad really as we used to have a good and often informative dialogue between ourselves.

  14. I wonder why it bothers to allow comments at all. All H&M comments are moderated and its a waste of time commenting on any Daily Mail articles because most aren't posted. If you don't believe that, go to your profile and see for yourself.

  15. I read DM daily and it went through a period where it was not allowing comments and please note all comments on H&M are moderated to protect them. Also, if you comment on Mail go to your profile and see how many of your comments are actually being posted. Not many. Today, Mirror was not allowing comments on 2 Harry articles along with the article that is first referenced in this post. Later today Mirror added two articles from the Sussex PR camp - those are so easy to spot.

  16. Of all the people in Hollywood to attach your name into, you attached it to James Corden? Seriously?

  17. I think James Corden attached it himself with is camp sending out this press release but no pix, of course. He's in a shit hole and trying desperately to stay relevant. Notice in those pix of him at restaurant...never seen such a huge plate of onion rings in my life. Good God!

  18. Think she has hired stylists but as always, Meghan knows best, and this is the result. She needs to be fit with a good bra, for starters.

  19. There's something very wrong with the editing of her teeth, isn't there.

  20. Thank you. Glad someone else noticed. THOSE TEETH!!!!

  21. Who would be the woman he'd reunite with if he divorces? He didn't date that many women and even Chelsy moved as she matured and Harry didn't. She now sees the bullet she dodged. Crissida moved on quickly - it doesn't take long to see how deepy troubled he is but that aside he's just a big douche with mummy issues.

  22. All this garbage comes from the Sussex PR camp and I think most people know that.

  23. Spot on. He's such a douche, and wimpy which to me, along with his looks, is why he didn't get a lot of dates. Women wondering how any woman, even Markle, could stand him. A balding ginger with moobs and unresolved anger and entitlement issues - ick! What healthy woman wants to be a mother substitute? Wants to be pititied because she married the world’s biggest joke?

  24. I know in this sub it’s common to shame people who believe anything about our Saint that does not appear on the front pages of the NYT, but with all the recent revelations about her nothing surprises me anymore, let alone the first marriage and abandoned child.

  25. I still think had that been true someone would have released it after the engagement announcement. Tom Bower didn't cover 3 issues which was the only reason I bought the book - 1. Where Doria was all those years Thomas raised Meghan 2. Joe Giuliano info 3. her alleged yachting days. Those questions, to my knowledge have never beed addressed.

  26. Undoubtedly bower didn’t address those issues because he couldn’t find anything or corroborate any rumors. In books, newspapers, media, you actually have to have something to back up your claims. It’s not like Reddit or quora. That really should make us more inclined to believe a source that has to adhere to a journalistic standard rather than Susie’s best friends cousin who overheard someone in the checkout line at target say that under all that hair, Meghan Markle has horns.

  27. That was my thinking too, Bower couldn't find anything addressing those issues. What I don't get is why he didn't report the reason Meghan lived with Thomas as opposed to Doria.

  28. DE runs a lot of Sussex PR generated material so I take this stuff with a grain of sale. I honestly can't imagine this going to film as so many discrepancies have been pointed out along with pure lies. Netflix however is low enough to pull something like this BUT Netflix is struggling and wonder if it has the resources.

  29. I think he's shot himself in the foot. The RF may welcome him back - Camilla in her speeches to domestic abuse charities talks about coercive control and I believe they think this is what has happened to Harry. Could be the case until his book and his interviews.

  30. I agree that Harry has some sort of personality disorder diagnosis that helps him foster and participate in the drama with Meghan. I am of the belief that his issues with the children being photographed has more to do with control and one upmanship than actual genuine concern for his children and their safety. The moment they released that photo of Archie in the bathtub, my eyes rolled out of my head. Harry wants to do the 1, 2 of virtue signaling and having more eyes on him to know when the children will be shown. I don't believe that he is genuine about his feelings about the children being photographed.

  31. Got to give BP credit for the image it created of Harry when he has now shown the world that is quite false. Not a cheeky, lovely little chap at all, is he? He's a grown man with severe mental health issues which he has repeatedly shown the world. His mother was the same. While outwardly fit and in control, Diana was a very troubled, vengeful person from childhood. The perception of her was beginning to change with her released tapes to Andrew Morton, then her Panorama interivew. Then she died and people became hopelessly infatuated with a woman made larger than life by her death and transformed into an untouchable myth. This will not happen for Harry.

  32. If they did divorce and he went back to the Royal life, could he bring the children with him?

  33. Right now, I don't think he'd get the children due to his mental health issues and drug issues which he has been so open about. I think she encouraged him to go public with all that so she can use it down the road.

  34. When my eye caught the DM headline my first thought was FINALLY, Markle's background has finally caught up with her!!!!

  35. I was really surprised that they mentioned this kind of thing at all!

  36. What really got me is how media gave her a pass. Again when she and Harry, as President and Vice President of the Queen's Commonwealth Trust, got out two tweets supporting BLM after that group had just defaced the Churchill and Queen Victoria statues and tried to burn flag at Cenotaph. Not ONE media outlet even mentioned the tweets except for the Daily Express.

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