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  1. How did she not meet this Tinder date before marriage? Am I missing something?

  2. I was asking myself the same question. Not adding up here.

  3. I definitely don't hate it. Well executed and absolutely different. I'd drive that chick magnet.

  4. "Come with me and you'll be in a world of OSHA violations"

  5. Dave is a top-notch bro. He has proven time and time again his heart is as big as his fortunes.

  6. Posted 2 days ago with a better article ---

  7. Background info, she got 4 friends to help her and she was 18 at the time, one of the named friends was 16 at the time. The other 2 have not been named. This happened in June 2019, they caught the catfisher as well (the guy that offered money) and so 5 of them are going down for murder.

  8. I read another in-depth article on it yesterday (can't remember what website), but the whole thing was one big WTF. That poor girl was intellectually a 12 yr old and was very trusting. Those monsters wiped her off the planet for no reason at all and the one who orchestrated it hopefully gets the chair along with the others. They all deserve to rot either in prison for life or strap 'em down to the chair and I'll gladly pull the handle.

  9. Absolutely amazing!!!!! You definitely are rockin' it 🥰

  10. Soooo....I also work on base and heard about it yesterday. His office is literally across the parking lot from ours. Bets are if he's "asked" to retire or PCS'd somewhere really shitty.

  11. Bet it looks and smells like a wet dog once it gets driven in rain.

  12. I've never used a delivery service and this is precisely why. I want my $$ going to the place I'm doing business with for food, not some greedy middleman company.

  13. Damn... I look better than him and yet HE has a gf?

  14. That thing is gonna be a missile if she gets in a wreck.

  15. This one seems to be a common one to repost and I don't know why. It's not that interesting.

  16. I’m sorry if you think that was a spy balloon you’re just smooth brained. Like yeah the best way to spy on people is with a slow moving obvious balloon.

  17. Okay. I'll bite. What do you think it was then?

  18. I didn't plan on getting windows 11, but I was gifted a laptop for Christmas that came with it. It's ass, it fuckin prevents you from downloading Google chrome. I'm sure there's a way around it but I haven't messed with it yet.

  19. What do you mean it prevents the d/l of chrome? I have a Win11 work laptop that let me d/l it. I hate Edge with a passion and Chrome works better IMHO.

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