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  1. I’d love one of these people to actually sit down and explain to me what the difference between all these genders are. All of them, one by one with clear distinctions. My money is on a genuine struggle to continue once they get around the 4-6 mark

  2. It'll slowly swirl downward into mentally-ill ranting about shit that doesn't even make sense in the slightest. Yet somehow they don't understand why people don't want to play make-believe with them.

  3. Sure thre're 2 sexes. But an infinite amount of genders. Kindly don't talk to me.

  4. It's not even that deep. Get your karma farming ass out of here. You all acting like they committed a fucking war crime.

  5. I've only seen a single moment where a hint for an evolution was given, in one of the biology classes. Other than that, nothing. It's ridiculous that these methods are so convoluted and have no details ingame regarding them. Even some flavor text of trainers when you defeat them would've been a huge help, except trainers just spew useless banter.

  6. The game is hot garbage, but have you seen the Dragon Tamers? 😳

  7. Shits growing out of his damn nose. Bo-bobo lookin ass mf.

  8. Tonight I decided to play my first match of DMZ. I had tier 3 gear, a decent weapon equipped, self revive, etc. I load into a match and... crash. Load back in, all my shit is fucking gone, killed my mood for the remainder of the night playing. I can respectfully say I'm done with this franchise after MWII finishes its lifespan.

  9. Ugly mfs in the comments crying and can't take a joke.

  10. There are more singleplayer games than multiplayer, like everytime I see this post I swear mfs be blind or something. Quit crying that you have no friends and making excuses for it.

  11. Good question, I'm going to assume yes since they prob couldn't find a way around it without bugging the system lmao.

  12. The youtube video has so many like though, it must work! 😃

  13. Imagine spending $150 on a mid Apex skin that "evolves" as you get kills or whatever.

  14. I'm so glad QTE's were only a phase. They were one of the worst mechanics in gaming.

  15. This is definitely a post about Apex. God forbid I get a single kill in a match. Then I end up getting put against a triple stack of preds and masters in the next round. The matchmaking is a fucking dumpster fire.

  16. Looks like a MyPillow. What a scam company. 10 year guarantee my ass. Mine started to fall apart at the seams at the end of the first year and started to feel like a cheap trashbag against my head.

  17. His upper body is way too long. Dude looks like a centipede.

  18. Tired of Respawns idea of character building being everyone's entire personality is their sexuality/gender. No Fuse, I don't want to hear how you're fucking Bloodhound every time I press the "Thank you" quip.

  19. I need freedom units. How many cheeseburgers is that?

  20. You must be a new fan. It took nearly TWENTY years for us to get Super after Z/GT. Nobody's saying the anime WILL continue, but it's fucking silly to think it's officially done just because it's been a few years without a continuation. They're likely letting the manga get a fair distance ahead before adapting it into anime.

  21. The most oppressed minority in generations. Nintendo fans.

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