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  1. How girls on Fresh and Fit argue.

  2. They all sound the same

  3. Awesome thank you man! Hopefully I don’t have anymore questions for you lol

  4. I fucks with it! Where you get them neck pillows? I need that in my life.

  5. I got them from the Philippines, but any upholstery place can make you one.

  6. The “NO” on the road 😂

  7. A checking account.

  8. It’s stupid high. But a clean UL lol.


  10. my radio reception sucks! will changing antenna fix it?

  11. It’s not for the radio but Lexus Link which is no longer in service.

  12. AodHan DS08, aka reps

  13. Oh perfect I was just gonna ask if the same applies to the ul. Thank you man hopefully all goes smooth haha

  14. Glad I can help. It should be, though I will be running 3H this time around, and I’ve never done that lol

  15. Has anyone bagged the car themselves and found a good interior routing for the air lines?

  16. Here's my video. Although when I bag my UL, I will definitely tuck it under the kick panel, and not under the carpet beside it.

  17. Damp MF towel. All you need.

  18. The thing is, I'm not though. I've tested it. I promise I'm not crazy.

  19. wpen says:

    2 for sure. 04’s tend to have trans problems.

  20. wpen says:

    This would’ve been on

  21. wpen says:

    Make sure the front has high disks. Also they're a little conservative, but I'm assuming you're not going for fitment...

  22. I saw that subreddit! Thank you 😊 such a cool community

  23. wpen says:

    No problem, happy to help!

  24. wpen says:

    Good luck with sale

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