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Two "He Gets Us" Jesus ads will air during the Super Bowl. The group behind the ads has given $19 million to the hate group Alliance Defending Freedom and $8 million to Answers in Genesis (Creation Museum, Ark Park). They are anti-science Christian Nationalists who oppose LGBT and women's rights

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  1. I can't decide if he's incompetent and gutting twitter in drowning flailing or if he's actively destroying one of the most visited English speaking sites and widely used sources of communication amongst them. Banning journalists, reinstating extremists, censoring documentaries, being anti-consumer and anti-user.

  2. Transportation overall is too expensive because humanity insists on having automobiles where a bike, PEV, legs, public transit, and rail would do.

  3. S'funny, Reddit can't decide if this is caused by organized theft, e.g. group smash-n-grab, or casual theft, or homeless people theft, or lax policing/enforcement or just plain bad decision-making on the part of the execs at said store. While I'm not privy to any special knowledge about this, since the most comments about seeing this locally comes from people in larger metro areas, I would think it's organized theft. From a recent article: "The most commonly stolen items at US stores include cigarettes, health and beauty products, over-the-counter medications, contraceptives, liquor, teeth-whitening strips and other products."

  4. Folks, if ever there was a promise Cheetolini could be expected to keep, it's this one. Maybe...

  5. I think the owner of this mini thinks she has a big dick.

  6. So what did we learn here? Devout xtians are more likely to cling to sketchy qanon-style conspiracy theories than real science because real science and ghod do not mix. And there's nothing worse than visibly declaring yourself, a la masking, vaccinations and social distancing, to be an unbeliever.

  7. Nice find. SynCalc and SynFile were arguably the best business applications for the Atari 8bit series.

  8. Ooooh, goodie! I took a look at ChargePoint and PlugShare and was somewhat bewildered about how busy the maps were. Maybe Waze will do a good job on the integration?

  9. The dire warnings of fiscal hawks are once again darkening the skies of official Washington.

  10. I’ve never ventured over to that hell hole before, I took a quick peek (don’t worry I didn’t eat my breakfast yet!) it looks exactly like my Twitter feed after Elon took over. Needless to say I don’t frequent Twitter anymore. Between the bogus news sources and the outrageous conspiracy theories I’m not sure how those folks function in life. I have family that clings to that ideology and it’s just crazy!

  11. They talk negatively about someone else in a very judgy way. There was this mom in my daughter's school who seemed to "know" everyone, she talked to me and she spoke so bad about these people. Then moments later I saw her interacting in a "friendly" way, with those she was judging. My eyes rolled so much I could see my brain telling me not to get involved with her. And I was right, because by the time school year ends, her "friends" hated her and they were talking behind her back too.

  12. It was a "fun" scenario, seeing them turn against each other. I wasn't in their circle, I just happened to stay in the same place they usually hang out, I'm an introvert so they didn't mind my presence at all. The entire year, I was just observing them. And they just kept the gossips coming, whoever is absent in their friend group, they talk about that person. Made me thankful I didn't have friends lol

  13. I was assigned to a team once where a lot of talk about coworkers was bandied about at lunch and at functions. After a particularly nasty anecdote I decided I had heard enough. I told them that we should be better than this, that I wanted to be a better person. Got a lot of blank stares...

  14. seriously but does anyone still buy ubisoft games? LOL

  15. Haha, "buy" and "ubisoft" in the same sentence.

  16. I’m taking my money and my cloaca elsewhere if I see that.

  17. "This whole thing is unfair." Oh baby, no one ever promised you fair. You never should expect fair. You, of all people, should expect to be treated equitably.

  18. Amazing. As if it couldn't get any weirder. Here's my theory: social media is a loudspeaker for morons of all stripe to finally be heard. As for some odd reason, we're listening.

  19. Okay, so there is a reason why the trolley problem continues to be discussed in ethics circles to this day. Not everyone can agree about what the ethically correct answer is for any given construction of the problem.

  20. CBS News in Chicago named News radio 780 engaged in the most outrageous and irresponsible reporting by a major outlet I think I've ever heard a couple of days ago regarding this issue

  21. I'm reading the Bible right now for the first time. The idea that anyone could use that jumble of self-contradictory, tautological moralisms as a guide to life is absolutely absurd, and it's fairly disturbing to imagine the mental gymnastics required to even do so. Truly a person could find justification for a lot of nasty shit.

  22. What a waste of time, reading the bible. Find an online course in comparative theology and save yourself about a year or two of study for pretty much the same result.

  23. You know they're desperate with this PR campaign. You could, yknow, actually try and fix the terrible state of Christian churches or update their archaic views but nah. PR campaign! Lol. I'm glad they've learned nothing.

  24. That is the definition of insanity, trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  25. Guy doesn't even pay his bills.. can't believe anyone is stupid enough to like that wanker nugget

  26. Patients, thankfully. My parents are pretty solid progressives (mid boomers who went to college in the Vietnam protest era, but never turned red).

  27. That is the most amazing irony, receiving treatment from a socialist care delivery system and simultaneously decrying socialism.

  28. I'm pretty sure that this is a bullshit statistic. You can easily lie with numbers; note that this is too general with too small a sample size (and way too limited in the locations sampled) to really mean anything.

  29. Sorry dude, you're still one word short, "irrevocable". When you add that, then and only then are we solid. Because as long as that word is missing you can still try this same shit again.

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