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  1. let me shake your hand sir. ignore the ball sweat it's good for your skin. mexicans shouldn't be allowed to play magic. i don't believe that but dammit i'd shoot a mexican repeatedly in the face to defend my right to say it.

  2. Far Cry 2 is hands down the best one of the series. Baffling to me that Reddit constantly touts 3 as the gold standard. I've never met anyone IRL that preferred 3 or later over 2.

  3. I remember playing FC2 back in the day and pondering all of its flaws and then playing 3 where they had basically resolved every issue I had with two. And suddenly I was playing one of my favourite games ever. That said, its mechanics are now a tad aged and 6 is the new gold standard imho. I can see why some would prefer 2 for its more serious tone though.

  4. as someone who F2Ps arena I am laughing at you all from my cardboard box in the gutter.

  5. He is the large potato to the right with a green hat on

  6. grixis bolas control. its never been good. i will never stop until i am mythic #1. i am currently gold.

  7. I hope they don’t pussy out and have an all Hetero cast when it clearly states in the samarillion that 51% of middle earth is lgbtqiaa+. I want gay cards with rainbow borders and frills.

  8. Aragorp looks like Vigo mortensen even my blind deaf Mexican grandma knows it.

  9. Brand all those who dissent and incite violence towards them, while my hair ruffles in the wind from my high horse! You are pure, you are compleat.

  10. HP legacy is a game by fans for fans. You’d be way better off playing it having read the books first (the movies are mid, books legendary)

  11. i call 25% winrate successful and have many successful decks! : D

  12. The cardboard is worthless shit I will never play with. The trilogy I will rewatch every Christmas until I’m dead.

  13. If you absolutely love Harry Potter then get legacy, it’s a game by fans for fans. If you’re only a mid level fan then get WWE

  14. yknow whats great about this art? it looks like the movie version of sam, therefore i like it and think it's really cool! ... ...

  15. It is so fucking wild to me that they're putting in draft chaff but not cards that have actually / might actually see play.

  16. they may have left out open the armory because it didnt fit their new draft format paticularly well. it may yet be added in later explorer expansions, so there's hope.

  17. Secret lair twerking Galadriel bouncing that booty over Tolkien’s grave ... when?

  18. this may blow your brain out of your ears but ... joking about race isn't racism. mind boggling right?

  19. It might be years before she’s even willing to hear you speak one word. You really fucked up. Make those words count if you ever get the chance.

  20. Gandalf LOOKS human but he is not human. He is an ageless minor deity, a Maiar. A spirit given flesh.

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